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iPad's Platform Impact

By many accounts, the Apple iPad has been a disappointment -- even Apple "fanboy" bloggers and tweeters have proclaimed themselves underwhelmed.

RIA Frameworks Power Multi-Channel App Strategies

Maturing frameworks and rich Internet application platforms like Silverlight and Adobe Flash/AIR may change the way developers target client platforms.

Developers Await Windows Phone 7 Specs

Microsoft's new Windows Phone 7 Series raises questions for ISVs, partners, developers and enterprise customers.

Visual Studio 2010 RC Released

The release candidate build of Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4 is available this week.

iPad Impacts .NET Developers

Apple's new tablet PC was announced amid a roar of pre-release hype. What does it mean for .NET developers?

VS2010 Set for April Launch

The next versions of Visual Studio and .NET Framework will be delayed by only three weeks, according to a brief announcement by Microsoft

Interface-Based Programming in C#

Interfaces can make your applications easier to test and maintain.

Microsoft Broadens IE 8 Bug Hunt

Microsoft continues to squash bugs in its new Internet Explorer 8 Web browser, released last week.

Microsoft To Release Open Source Security App

The !exploitable Crash Analyzer is designed to help developers classify, assess and ultimately prevent program crashes.

Microsoft Beefs Up Web Platform Tools

Updates to the Web Platform Installer and ISS 7 Web server were announced at Microsoft's MIX09 event.

Microsoft Rolling Out Windows Azure Improvements

Microsoft has been improving its cloud-based operating system, with plans to launch services in the fall.

Microsofts Guthrie Touts Silverlight 3 Betas Database Access Features

In his keynote at MIX09, Microsoft's Scott Guthrie pointed to many new features for data-oriented applications in Silverlight 3.

Microsoft Releases Silverlight 3 Beta with Key New Features

Microsoft has released the beta of its Silverlight 3 rich interactive media runtime and development environment.

Microsoft Rolls Out New Commerce Server

Commerce Server 2009 is designed to facilitate the creation of e-commerce Web sites.

Internet Explorer 8 Goes Live

The final fixes have been completed as Microsoft rolls out it latest Web browser.

Hackers Enlist Search Engines for Phishing Attacks

Search engine optimization techniques are being used to divert Web surfers to malicious sites.

Microsoft's DNS Patch Flawed, Security Official Says

A March DNS security patch doesn't work on compromised servers, according to nCircle.

Windows 7 Is "Rescuing" Apps, Microsoft Says

Windows 7 will feature superior application compatibility over Vista, according to a Microsoft announcement.

Microsoft Reveals Strategy for Mobile Developers

Microsoft today revealed plans to offer tooling and guidance on its developer portal.

Q&A: Microsoft's Nash Explains IE 8's Enterprise Advantages

Mike Nash, Microsoft's corporate vice president for Windows product management, talks about the status of IE 8 RC1.

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