In-Depth Features

2006 Innovators: Who should win?

Ever wondered exactly how other IT teams handle seemingly insurmountable app dev tasks?

The Mainframe Capacity Conundrum: Getting Better All the Time

What’s not to like about z/Linux and other cheap mainframe workloads?

Getting Started on Data Management

The only way to solve the seemingly intractable problems of storage management is to do so strategically.

Destroy, Shred, Disintegrate: Guidelines for Securely Decommissioning Storage

Thanks to improved corporate information security practices, attackers are seeking new methods for accessing sensitive corporate information, putting storage media more at risk than ever. We offer several recommendations for destroying data.

Debugging Quality Control

Business execs, shadowed by electronic and paper trails, are demanding better software quality assurance. The challenge is defining quality metrics that developers and enterprise users can agree on.

Process Management by the Light of the Dashboard

Enterprises are moving beyond simple process automation. Increasingly, managers want to own more of the business process and have the ability to change it. Are today’s development tools up to the task?

New App Dev Platforms for the Resourceful Enterprise

Newly extended enterprise resource planning systems give developers the flexibility to use ERPs as application development platforms for building service-oriented architectures.

No Time for Open Source in the Service-Enabled Enterprise

Although SOAs built on open-source apps are still rare, they’re inevitable for the same reasons open-source Web and app servers have become the platforms of choice for other development projects.

New Business Rules to Live By

Business rules management technologies, which separate the logic behind a business decision from the mechanics of carrying it out, simplify development and promise business users greater ability to manage changes to business processes.

Masters of Their Data Domains

Businesses are paying more attention to master data management for several reasons. Many enterprises are looking at MDM to improve supply-chain efficiency while complying with federal mandates.

Training: Commitment to IT Pros Still Low

Even companies that have embraced next-generation mainframe workloads often give short shrift to the question of training. What gives?

Outlining the Future of Software

Chappell & Associates' David Chappell detailed the design patterns for a new breed of service-oriented applications (SOAs) at his VSLive! keynote on Tuesday.

MSDN Redux With 64-Bit Servers and ASP.NET 2.0

Microsoft's Larry Jordan describes how his team reinvigorated MSDN with 64-bit servers, VS 2005, and Web services.