Understanding XML Query Standards

The W3C grants Recommendation status to XQuery, the XML query language designed to do for Web services what SQL did for relational databases. (Article courtesy of Redmond Developer News.)

Tapping the SaaS Potential

Robert Carr, Keep and Share's CEO, talks about the Web as a delivery mechanism for software and services. (Article courtesy of Redmond Developer News.)

Looking to LINQ

Will Microsoft's Language Integrated Query transform programmatic data access?

Crossing the Divide

Open source interoperability tools extend .NET applications to other platforms.

Use Case Driven is out there (finally!)

And just one other thing...

Reducing Bottlenecks in the JEE Stack

Network overhead and how to cope with it

An Agile Development Environment

A fuss-free starting-point for agile Java web projects.

Book Review: The Design of Sites

Design patterns finally reach the shores of Website Design Land.

Nasty Oracle/Java 5 Bug

Innocent bug lops off trailing zeroes

Astound your Users: Fade to Yellow

A user-friendly Ajax technique that’s surprisingly easy to implement.

Catching Up During the Holidays

The wisdom of conference attendees, ZapThink's must-read, more support from IBM for ODF, and McGraw's Silver Bullet.

Developing and Testing Web Services

soapUI: a nice, free SOAP client.