Virtualization: It's a Race Up the Stack

VMware dreams up management tools and catalysts for software distribution, while Microsoft packs bare-metal virtualization tech into its operating systems.

Hacking Web 2.0 Applications with Firefox

It’s a scarily insecure web out there.

Office in the Cloud

Last week's inaugural Office 2.0 conference proved that the Web-as-a-platform paradigm has seeped into the corporate zeitgeist

9 Revealing JavaScript Tips

JavaScript tips reveal the power of an under-appreciated language

Nexaweb and JackBe Take Web 2 to the Enterprise

YouTube SchmooTube; the programmable Web is about business.

Using TIBCO GI with Spring

Mature AJAX toolkit meets fantastically popular J2EE framework

TIBCO’s AJAX toolkit now supports Firefox 1.5

Oh, and they’re open-sourcing it, too.

Use Case Driven Object Modeling with UML

Upcoming book illustrates how to get from use cases to source code

alphaWorks Turns Ten, Adopts SaaS

The founders and luminaries of IBM's showcase for edgy tech get together for cake and champagne in SF, and launch a new service model.

Glazed Lists

Java table models done the easy way

Yahoo Invites Outsiders to Hack Day

Roll up your Scooby sleeping bags and pack your extra laptop batteries: Yahoo is having a sleepover

Spring Framework passes 1 million downloads

An impressive, if arbitrary, measure of success

BEA to Provide ''Pre-Emptive Support''

BEA's new Guardian service is that infrastructure dream date who just knows what you need. (It's not the same if you have to ask.)

Ruby Hype

Is Ruby/RoR just the latest software fashion?

Book Review: Foundations of Ajax

A no-nonsense "how-to" guide to Ajax web development.

Web Development by Numbers

Creating a simple Spring MVC web app with NetBeans 5.0

Serving dynamic PDFs with iText

Open-source Java library makes generating PDFs a breeze

Sun Redefines ID Lifecycle Management

It's a ''lifecycle'' worthy of the name.

Scripts Are IP Too

As JavaScript and PHP spread across the globe in an increasingly Web 2.0'd world, enterprises should remember that scripts are copyrightable and licensable code.

Linux Starters Guide for Disgruntled Windows Users

Useful advice for Windows users looking to switch