Software Spies in the Enterprise

Many enterprises have found spyware has become a problem that demands a coordinated response from IT.

Data warehouse builders advocate for different architectures

Most enterprises build hybrid data warehouse architectures that borrow elements from four different approaches.

Quality is unique

Back in the old days, say in 2003, when a UNICCO field agent inspected a customer’s facility and found a job that needed to be taken care of, he or she would submit a work order to HQ the old-fashioned way: on paper. Once the work order was processed, and the work scheduled and performed, the agent had to return to the site not only to make sure the job was done but also to make sure it was done properly. Even something as simple as getting a broken railing (liability or workers’ comp claim waiting to happen) fixed took too long to suit UNICCO or its customers.

Buy the numbers

World-class IT executives reach better results by shifting spending and priorities away from technology infrastructure and toward application management, software and other areas, according to the IT Book of Numbers from The Hackett Group, a business process advisory firm.

It's Alive! The Frankenapp Runs Amok!

The Frankenapp—an application created from many parts over many years—threatens to run amok and terrorize the programmers who must maintain it.

When Corporate Lawyers Attack

If you’re like most programmers, you’ve probably had little, if any, interaction with your company’s legal department. But thanks to the compliance craze, programmers say, software development projects are coming under increasing scrutiny from corporate compliance officers and attorneys.

Self-Service Data Warehouses

An SOA linked to a data warehouse can reduce costs, speed access to information and ultimately increase revenue.

Innovative makeovers win awards

For 11 years, ADT’s annual Innovator Awards have recognized IT departments that have successfully launched development projects that have paid off with noteworthy business and financial benefits.

Web Services Orchestration Waits for Standards Harmony

True Web services collaboration within the framework of a service-oriented architecture is as tantalizing as an oasis in the desert, but without standards, it's still only a mirage.