Tech Spending Hit by Subprime Mess

The subprime meltdown that has roiled the financial markets since last fall will negatively impact the amount large investment houses, banks and brokerages will spend on IT overall -- and on software development projects in particular -- in the coming years.

Bloomberg Launches Windows Mobile App

Customers of Bloomberg LP's real-time market data who have long been receiving feeds on their BlackBerrys can now receive them on their Windows Mobile-based devices, thanks to a recently completed development effort.

Q&A: IASA's Paul Preiss

Paul Preiss champions the role of software architects.

Mixed Reactions to IBM's Green Software Push

For over a year now, IBM Corp. has made "greening" a centerpiece of its marketing efforts, kicking off a $1 billion green IT investment last spring called "Project Big Green," touting mainframe-centric greening initiatives and, just recently, trumpeting a new "green" approach to software.

Tech-Ed Keynote Highlights 'Dynamic IT' and Virtualization

Microsoft's Tech-Ed North America event for IT professionals kicked off today with a keynote address on enabling "dynamic IT."

IBM Computer Achieves Petaflop Performance

A National Nuclear Security Administration supercomputer reaches an operational rate of 1 petaflop, making it the world's fastest computer.

iPhone 3G, New Mobile Apps Debut at Apple WWDC 2008

During his keynote address at Apple's annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) Monday, CEO Steve Jobs debuted the company's new iPhone 3G, an update to the popular mobile phone and computing device set for delivery July 11. Developers also took the stage during the keynote to show off new technologies arriving for the platform.

Microsoft Releases Windows Embedded Standard CTP

In a bid to modernize the embedded version of its Windows software, Microsoft this week has released the community technology preview (CTP) of a newly revamped version set to ship by year's end.

EC Launches IPv6 Adoption Initiative

The European Commission (EC) this week announced plans to encourage its member governments, industry, Internet service providers and the public to adopt IPv6 networking in the next few years.

SOA: It's the People, Process and Orientation

Disputes between rival IT factions can stop an SOA project dead in its tracks.

Will SQL Server 2008 Slip Again?

Microsoft's announcement that it will release SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 3 (SP3) this summer raises the question: What's the status of SQL Server 2008?

Orphaned Accounts Are a Growing Security Concern, Study Says

IT auditors examine accounts just like their financial auditing counterparts. Instead of trial balances, they look at system user accounts to determine who signed on when and who did what. But what about who's logging into what account and when? More important, do these people even work here anymore?

Alliance Weighs In on Microsoft Interoperability

As reported last week, the British Educational Communications and Technology Agency (Becta), a group that advises the British government on education technology issues, referred a complaint to the European Commission about the impact of Microsoft's interoperability issues in education.

One Laptop Per Child Will Sport XP

Microsoft and One Laptop per Child announced an agreement Thursday to put Windows XP Professional on OLPC XO laptops in emerging markets along with Linux.

Vista Security Debate Continues with Follow-Up Study

Security software vendor PC Tools on Friday fired the latest salvo in the argument over whether Windows Vista is as secure as Microsoft says it is.

VBA To Return to Mac; Mac Office 2008 SP1 Released

Microsoft on Tuesday released Service Pack 1 for Office 2008 for Mac, the first major update to what the company called its most successful Mac Office launch in 19 years (in terms of sales volume).

Gates Highlights R&D at CES08, Unveils Microsoft Touch Wall

Microsoft's Chairman Bill Gates spent a lot of time today talking about "empowering the workers" at the Microsoft's 12th annual CEO Summit 2008 in Redmond, Wash., where he gave a keynote speech.

Vista Vulnerability Study Puts Microsoft on Defensive

Microsoft and some independent security researchers had the blogosphere buzzing Wednesday over a series of denunciations after one company claimed that Vista was more vulnerable to malware and other exploits than previous operating systems.

Icahn Buys Yahoo Shares, Spurring Proxy War Rumors

The Wall Street Journal reported today that investor Carl Icahn purchased about 50 million shares of Yahoo (3.5 percent of total shares) following Microsoft's failed acquisition bid for the company, citing an unnamed source.

HP Officially Announces EDS Buy for $13.9 Billion

Tuesday morning Hewlett-Packard confirmed that it plans to acquire IT outsourcing services company Electronic Data Services for $13.9 billion, or $25 cash per share.