Special Report: Enterprise Service Bus, Synchronicity in the Enterprise

The enterprise service bus is the newest solution-and buzzword-for IT and vendors touting enterprise architecture integration.

OutputLinks Searches for Precise Results

The results from an OutputLinks search used to be extensive—but cluttered—for users. More often than not, users waded through lots of findings for one piece of pertinent information.

On the Road With Mobile Middleware

Although imperfect, the mobile application development environment is an area of keen interest to a growing number of enterprises.

Tailor-Made for Applications Development

Personal Software Process and Team Software Process are intertwined methodologies that offer formal processes for improving software quality and managing schedules.

Online Treasure Chest for Security Pros

Developers tracking the latest product vulnerabilities now have a central location to check—the National Vulnerability Database.

Software Configuration Management Undergoes a Restoration

SCM has put on more muscle to meet IT's need to better manage widely dispersed development teams and to comply with regulatory mandates.

Take Control of Business Services

There's a lot of hype about BSM, the new three-letter approach to IT/business alignment. Business services management vendors promise to correlate the performance of business services with IT infrastructure components. However, analysts warn automation is only part of the answer.

Proof that Swing is Getting Cooler

Swing is becoming more and more capable of looking cool on the desktop. But is it also becoming more advanced – as in, more difficult (therefore expensive) to program?

The Trouble with Skype

The announcement that eBay are to purchase Skype got me wondering: isn't VoIP actually, really, a giant step backwards for the Internet's killer app?

Genius Steals, Marketing Homogenizes

The current Java IDE war appears to be about stealing features and copying the way other IDEs do things. The result could eventually be a bland, homogenized landscape.

Both Sides Now to Business Intelligence

For a number of reasons, enterprises are doing far less building and much more buying today. The consequences of this transition have blurred a once-clear ROI picture.