Java Needs an On-Line Component Browser

Leveraging Java’s networking strengths to ignite its commercial component marketplace

Powerful Grid Component for Delphi

DevExpress makes Open Source components look like, well, Open Source

The Salesforce Show

Benioff: the Host with the Most

Listening without Preconceptions

Gathering requirements without letting prior assumptions put you off the scent

Apps on the Grid

Using grid computing to share processing power across a network is still rare, but standards bodies are getting on board.

Flashblock Can Give you Back Your CPU

Many Flash ads need to be less processor-heavy. But in the meantime, plug-ins like Flashblock can help.

More Training Videos, Less Chicken Kiev

Downloadable training videos on a broad range of .NET related topics.

C# Training Without the Stale Chicken Kiev

Learn Visual C# the easy way

Is it Firefox? Is it Opera? No, it’s Internet Explorer 7 beta

"Me-too"-ware is not necessarily such a bad thing.

CES 2006: Day Three

Leaving Las Vegas

WMF Exploit: Your Sieve is Now Patched

That safe feeling from patching your system lasts for about a second.

CES 2006: Day Two

Google's Page Pleads for Standards

CES 2006: Day One

Lots of Whining and a Bit of Wisdom from the 2006 Consumer Electronics Show

Hey Kids, Try Groovy!

The latest scripting language for Java begs the question... Why?

UI Leaps of Faith

Just hangin' on the telephone... (Excerpt from my latest article)

Shrink-wrapped ETL is on SQL codejockeys’ short list

What do IT organizations have on tap business intelligence-wise in 2006? A whole lot of SQL Server 2005, for starters: With so much pent-up demand, many SQL shops will make the move to Microsoft's next-gen database this year.

Energy company puts juice into monitoring IM

Is your company's use of instant messaging secure? Does it meet regulatory requirements?

No Rest for the Query

Users expect search engines to meet the Google standard for ease-of-use and effectiveness, and that’s driving the business in embedded search add-ons.

Data on Demand

Some organizations are launching tightly controlled rollouts that, although not transforming the enterprise, are delivering concrete benefits.