Microsoft Unveils Mobile Solutions at CTIA

Microsoft unveiled three additions to its mobile product lines at the CTIA Wireless 2008 event today, with much of the emphasis being placed on enabling custom mobile solutions for the enterprise.

What To Expect in NetBeans 6.1 Beta

This latest Java IDE release includes Ruby, JavaScript and MySQL integration improvements.

RadRails 1.0 Adds Options for Ruby Coders

This latest Ruby IDE release features improved installation, plus a few customization features to suit your coding preferences.

IT Gets Easier in the Big Easy

Like much of the rest of the city, New Orleans' information technology department was nearly crippled by Hurricane Katrina. But as the city continues to put itself back together, the IT department has been able to rebuild -- and even improve some operations. The automation of its business processes has been among the improvements.

Scientists Take Step Toward Molecular Electronics

Researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have built working electronic devices using a thin layer of organic molecules on a traditional silicon platform, setting the stage for the next step toward practical molecular electronics.

Red Hat Acquires SOA and BPM Integrator Amentra

Red Hat last week announced that it has acquired Amentra, a systems integrator specializing in service-oriented architecture (SOA) and business process management (BPM) projects, as well as a provider of enterprise data solutions.

NSA Teams Up with Sun on OpenSolaris Security

Sun Microsystems and the National Security Agency (NSA) announced last week that they are working together to develop new security tools for the OpenSolaris operating system.

What's New in IE 8?

Microsoft's latest Web browser beta includes new development tools and AJAX enhancements, plus features for users.

Software Execs Send Legislative Wish List to Hill

A gathering of chief technology officers from the country's leading software companies is urging Congress to fully fund $3.26 billion in initiatives that industry sees as critical in the president's fiscal 2009 budget.

Open Source Computer Donation Program Aims To Go Nationwide

Northern California effort pulls together volunteers to get computers to schools.

NSA Extends Access Control to Network Storage

The National Security Agency is leading an effort to extend its access control work into the arena of network file storage. The effort involves integrating NSA's Flask mandatory access control (MAC) architecture -- now the basis of Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) -- into the Network File System (NFS) protocol widely used for network-attached storage devices.

Mobile Routing Protocol Advances

The Naval Research Laboratory researchers are helping develop a set of routing protocols for setting up mobile ad-hoc networks (MANETs).

Software AG Releases Mainframe Modernization Suite

Enterprise solution provider Software AG announced its webMethods Application Modernization Suite -- software designed to bring service-oriented architecture (SOA) technology and other improvements to standard mainframe infrastructures.

Study: All WLANS Not Created Equal Under 802.11n

Aruba Networks claims that a recent study shows that not only do various vendors' 802.11n access points deliver dramatically different performances, some vendors' equipment is much better than others at working with third-party client adapters.

Trustworthy Computing: Examining Trust

Microsoft's Trustworthy Academic Advisory Board has been keeping tabs on security issues -- external as well as internal -- that continue to challenge Microsoft's developers. Here's a peek into the board, which marks five years on watch.

Enterprise Software Future Profiled in Report

A newly released report from Forrester Research makes predictions about enterprise software trends within the forthcoming decade.

With Launch Show on Road, Microsoft Seeks Early Adoptors

One week after Microsoft officially launched the 2008 versions of Windows Server, Visual Studio and SQL Server, the company has taken its show on the road.

VSLive! San Francisco Preview: LINQ to SQL Q&A with Perry Birch

Perry Birch shares his take on the best LINQ to SQL features, and walks you through the biggest changes from ObjectSpaces and more.

Study: The Year's Top-10 Web Application Vulnerabilities

Web applications top the list of security problems for IT, study says.

Managing Batch Processing in an SOA

An IBM expert describes how to adapt batch-processing operations when your infrastructure has become service oriented.