The Agile Architect

How To Win With Agile By Cheating (a.k.a., Rules Are For Other People)

Agile rules can sometimes become a barrier to progress and even be perceived as impenetrable. Our Agile Architect spins a story about recognizing these artificial barriers and how to break through them.

How To Be a Superhero Software Developer, Agile or Not

If you've seen any trailers for movies lately, you know that superheroes are the new hotness. In a blatant rip-off of the genre, our Agile Architect describes how to have your own secret origin as a super software developer.

The Softer Side of Agile: It's Not Just Coding

Our Agile Architect, for whom Spock was his primary emotional role model, brings in a ringer to talk about the soft skills required to be successful in the agile world.

Beyond Development: The Agile City

Agile doesn't just apply to software. Cities around the country are experimenting with agile practices to change how they govern. This is the story of one such unbelievable town.

Safe Agile Environments and the Power of Ideas

Software development is a creative process that requires a safe environment where people feel comfortable sharing their bizarre ideas that lead to that next great breakthrough. Our Agile Architect discusses the importance of a safe environment for a successful and creative agile culture.

Mob Programming as a More Agile Replacement for a Team Charter

A team charter is a common tool of an agile team to create consensus on how the team will do its work. Unfortunately, the act of creating a team charter can be lengthy and dull. Our Agile Architect describes an alternative approach to team chartering that embraces the agile concept of delivering real value rather than talking about it.

How Agile Are You? Let's Actually Measure It! (Part 5: Product Ownership)

Our Agile Architect shares the fifth part of his Agile Assessment, focusing on product ownership.

How Agile Are You? Let's Actually Measure It! (Part 4: Team Dynamics)

Our Agile Architect shares the fourth part of his Agile Assessment, focusing on team dynamics.

How Agile Are You? Let's Actually Measure It! (Part 3: User Experience)

Our Agile Architect shares the third part of his Agile Assessment, focusing on the user experience.

How Agile Are You? Let's Actually Measure It! (Part 1: Technical Craftmanship)

Our Agile Architect shares the first part of his Agile Assessment, focusing on technical craftsmanship.

How Agile Are You? Let's Actually Measure It! (Part 6: Project Management and More)

Our Agile Architect shares the sixth part of his agile assessment, focusing on the final areas of project management, risk management, organization support and change management.

How Agile Are You? Let's Actually Measure It! (Part 2: Quality Advocacy)

Our Agile Architect shares the second part of his Agile Assessment, focusing on quality advocacy.

How Agile Are You? Let's Actually Measure It! (Part 0: Introduction)

How's your agile? Our Agile Architect shares with you his in-depth agile maturity assessment based on many years of helping teams and companies be agile. First up, understanding the assessment model and uses.

Unbalanced Villains and Overpowered Heroes: An Agile Retrospective Game

In agile retrospectives, teams will often focus on just their weaknesses, assuming any strength is good. But what happens if the team is spending too much time honing the wrong strengths? Our Agile Architect introduces a fun game to explore the possibility.

Does Experience Inhibit Agility?

Knowledge and experience have an expiration date, especially in the IT world. As our Agile Architect hits 50, he ruminates on the idea that more experience doesn't necessarily equate to better results.

To Think Agile, What's the Real Question?

Our Agile Architect analyzes a letter from a reader and answers the question that wasn't asked.

Does Agile Apply To You?

Our Agile Architect ponders the applicability of agile thinking and methodologies outside traditional software development.

Getting Things Done the Agile Way

Our Agile Architect talks about how to get things "done done."

Learn Faster with Agile Spikes

A spike is the agile terminology for a short period of research unfettered by the constraints of test-driven development and the other disciplines necessary to produce production-quality software. In this article, our Agile Architect gives the low-down on how to use spikes and, more importantly, how not to use spikes.

A Fascinating Confession from our Agile Founding Fathers...

Recent evidence has surfaced that has produced a surprising confession from the founders of the Agilist movement -- that the true architects of the modern Agilist software movement were in fact the founding fathers of the United States of America.


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