Oracle Adds Java Management Service to its Cloud Infrastructure Services Lineup

Oracle introduced a new cloud native infrastructure service this week for the management of Java runtimes and applications, both on-premises and in the cloud.

The new Java Management Service (JMS), now generally available (GA), was designed to present a single pane of glass for managing Java deployments across the enterprise. By providing "continuous insight" based on telemetry data from the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), the JMS enables the analysis of a range of security, performance, compliance, and efficiency metrics.

The JMS joins a long lineup of complementary cloud services that make up Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). These services provide a set of capabilities for building and running a wide range of applications and services in the OCI environment. OCI offers high-performance compute capabilities (as physical hardware instances) and storage capacity in a flexible overlay virtual network that is securely accessible from an on-premises network.

JMS was designed to track Java usage running on OCI on desktops, laptops, and servers, as well as third-party cloud services. It monitors the Java Development Kit (JDK), Java Runtime Environment (JRE), and GraalVM. A JMS agent installed on the managed instances collects Java usage telemetry data. The telemetry data is stored in the customer tenancy for privacy protection; there is no Oracle access beyond processing the data.

Billing itself as "the technological steward of the Java ecosystem," Oracle played up the near ubiquity of the language and platform for cloud development and deployment in this soft launch, pointing to an estimated 30 billion active cloud JVMs and more than 50 billion total JVMs globally. Writing in a blog post about the JMS release, Alexandra Huff, director of Oracle's Java Global Marketing group, pointed to a VDC Research finding that projects using Java are 2.5 times more likely to be ahead of schedule compared to non-Java projects.

"With Java’s ubiquity and broad usage come significant management challenges," Huff said. "Java Management Service is designed to bring relief in this area and many others."

The JMS is an included feature for Oracle Java SE customers. Although it's provided at no additional subscription cost, customers running it are billed for any usage beyond the OCI Monitoring free tier, which supports several hundred million data points, the company says.

Oracle has planned a webcast for the official launch of the new service on June 16, which will include a Q&A for attendees.

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