Atlassian Stash 3.8 Adds Support for AWS

The latest release of Atlassian's Stash, a Git-based distributed version control system (DVCS), now supports deployments on Amazon Web Services (AWS), the company announced this week.

Organizations use Stash to create and manage Git repositories. The latest version, Stash 3.8, allows organizations to use prebuilt Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) that allow organizations to launch in AWS as a "turnkey" deployment of Stash Server, but it also supports the customization of more complex deployments. Stash 3.8 also comes with an Amazon CloudFormation template that automates the process of spinning up a Stash Server instance in Amazon EC2, and tools and guidelines for backing up, restoring, sizing and administering Stash Server instances in AWS.

Eric Wittman, VP and general manager of Atlassian's Developer Tools business unit, describes Stash as "the only collaborative Git solution that massively scales." The AWS support is a milestone in the evolution of the Stash, he told ADTmag, one that aims to address the growing interest in affordable, secure, and scalable Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions.

"It's the next natural step for us," he said. "Some organizations still want to host their code on their own iron -- which Stash does beautifully -- but we're seeing a trend towards deployments in the cloud, hybrids and a mix of the two. But they also want control. Now these enterprises can deploy Stash on AWS and have the full control they would expect, while modernizing their infrastructures and how their teams work."

Stash has been gaining popularity steadily since it was launched in 2012. The company now claims more than 13,000 users, worldwide, including Netflix, Samsung, Intuit, Nordstrom, Cisco and Best Buy. Stash also has fans among smaller organizations; Wittman pointed to startups like Pinger, Metromile, and Kaazing.

"We've always prided ourselves as a company on being able to support teams of all sizes, whether they're a team of five or 15,000," he said. The product accommodates enterprise scaling demands by employing clusters of Stash nodes, he added. And the company recently added a number of features to the product that make pull requests the best way for teammates to collaborate and get feedback on their code.

The company announced the new support for AWS at the Amazon Web Services Sydney Summit. This is actually the second Atlassian product to support AWS. The company announced support in its recently relaunched HipChat Server team communications platform earlier this year.

The Australian collaboration and development toolmaker is well known for its Confluence content and team collaboration platform and its JIRA bug tracker. The company's product catalog also includes the Bitbucket cloud-based DVCS hosting service and the Bamboo continuous integration (CI) server.

The AMI for Stash is available from the AWS Marketplace. More information about Stash 3.8 is available here.


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