HTML 5 Cloud for Mobile Devs Launched by Sencha

A beta version of Sencha's mobile cloud service, aimed at developers building shared applications, has been released. The product, named, is the first mobile HTML 5 cloud, according to the company.

Mobile apps go well beyond just the client device, and they need to be able to create, store, and share data and messages with the application's users, Aditya Bansod, Sencha's senior director of product management, wrote in a blog entry .

" is an entirely new way for the client developer to think about the cloud. To store data, you simply tell your model to store data," Bansod wrote.

"Imagine you need to build an expense reporting application for your company using Sencha Touch," Bansod wrote. "Typically you'd need a place to store your data, a way to route approvals, a way to have your users log in. You'd pick databases and build business logic, and write thousands of lines of server code along the way."

"With, with only a few lines of JavaScript code running just in the browser -- you can power this entire experience."

The beta version of is being launched with four services, covering data, messages, log-in and deployment.

Full documentation, including API documentation for how to integrate the software development kit into your application, and guides on all the services are available at the Sencha Documentation Center.

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