ZeroTurnaround To Offer MyEclipse Plugin

ZeroTurnaround, maker of the JRebel JVM plug-in, and Genuitec, creator of the MyEclipse Java EE integrated development environment (IDE), have collaborated to create JRebel for MyEclipse.

This is a special plugin for MyEclipse IDE users that provides a configuration wizard for quickly integrating JRebel with MyEclipse and a range of application servers, including IBM WebSphere, Oracle WebLogic, Apache Tomcat, JBoss, GlassFish, and Jetty, among others.

The JRebel plug-in is designed to integrate with the JVM and app servers on the class loader level, so it doesn't create new class loaders, but extends existing ones. The company claims that it saves developers 15-20 percent of their coding time by removing the build and redeploy process so they can instantly see changes made to their code in their development application.

Tartu, Estonia-based ZeroTurnaround released JRebel 4.0 in June. The latest version supports reloading changes to Enterprise JavaBeans 3.x, anonymous class reloading, the Instrumentation API and HotSwap and Full Seam 2.x. This version also expands support to 35 frameworks. The company emphasizes that JRebel uses the Instrumentation API to instrument the application server class loaders and other basic classes, "...but the API does not play part in the actual reloading process...."

Flower Mound, Texas-based Genuitec's MyEclipse is both a Java EE IDE and a Web development tool suite for the Eclipse platform. The company promotes it as a tool for developers using UML, JSP, XML, Struts, JSF and EJBs. It supports Ajax, Web Services development, Java Persistence, extended database support and application server integration, the company says. Genuitec is a founding member of the Eclipse Foundation.

In a phone interview from his company's marketing offices in Prague, ZeroTurnaround CEO David Booth told ADTmag that the two companies have been working on the plugin for just a few months. Genuitec was especially interested in providing JRebel functionality to its MyEclipse Blue Edition and Bling Edition customers, he said. MyEclipse Blue is an IDE for IBM WebSphere developers. MyEclipse Bling is a new IDE launched earlier this month that the WebSphere tooling found in the Blue Edition with the advanced bootstrapping and auto code generation of Spring dev tools maker Skyway Software.

"Anything that we can do to make things easier for developers, that's something we're really keen on," Booth said. "Genuitec has audience that's using some pretty hardcore Java, and they'd love to make it easier for them. Our two technical teams got together, and we think the results are awesome."

Booth's company has also integrated JRebel with the Eclipse IDE. JRebel for Eclipse is available from the Eclipse Marketplace.

ZeroTurnaround and Genuitec are offering a free 30-day evaluation version of JRebel for MyEclipse. It's available for download now.

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