Appcelerator Enables Google App Engine Portability

Open source software company Appcelerator recently updated its rich Internet application development platform so that it's compatible with Google's new App Engine platform. App Engine is an online space where developers can build Web applications.

The company posted an example of an application that it ported to that platform, plus instructions for porting applications, on its blog here.

Appcelerator for App Engine is Python-based, like the current version of Google App Engine. Appcelerator plans to add support for other languages as Google adds them to its platform.

Appcelerator promotes its platform's ability to offer integrated rich Internet application and service-oriented architecture features together. Using the platform, developers can "assemble rich, interactive Web applications without the need for JavaScript or player-based plug-ins."

The idea of both platforms is to free Web developers from the burden of backend development efforts.

"The launch of Google App Engine is an exciting moment for software developers and will unquestionably be a benefit to the open source Appcelerator community," Jeff Haynie, co-founder and CEO of Appcelerator, commented in a released statement. "Our platform enables developers to create rich Internet applications without regard for the backend necessary for deployment and App Engine is guided by the same philosophy -- remove the need for developers to deal with the serverside and allow them to put together outstanding software."

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