SpringSource Offers Spring.NET 1.1

SpringSource is offering the final release of Spring.NET 1.1. The framework, which apparently was released early last month, lets .NET developers use some of the features that are currently available in the open source Java-based Spring Framework.

For instance, the new framework lets .NET developers use inversion of control (or "dependency injection") in their applications. It's called "inversion of control" because the program depends on code in the framework to produce a result, also known as the Hollywood Principle of "Don't call us, we'll call you."

Spring.NET 1.1 supports the ASP.NET Framework for Web development. It enables dependency injection "for pages, controls, modules and providers," according to an announcement issued by SpringSource (formerly known as Interface21).

Modularity is enhanced via the framework's aspect-oriented programming feature, along with the use of an aspect library. The aspect library supports transaction management, logging, performance monitoring and many others.

Spring.NET 1.1 supports Microsoft's ADO.NET Data Access Framework and can mix ADO.NET and NHibernate operations in the same transaction, according to the announcement.

The framework integrates with ASP.NET AJAX. It also integrates with the NUnit open source testing framework for .NET, which lets developers test dependency injection.

"We believe Spring.NET will prove beneficial to both the .NET developer community as well as the growing number of developers who work on both platforms," commented Rod Johnson, CEO of SpringSource and founder of the Spring Framework, in a prepared statement.

More information on Spring.NET 1.1 is available here.

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