Red Hat and Platform Computing Team on Grid Solution

Red Hat recently announced an agreement with Platform Computing to support high-performance computing (HPC) solutions.

HPC is a form of distributed computing where multiple processors are linked together to act as a single system. This type of system uses an array of commercial-grade processors to create a system that has processing speeds comparable with today's fastest supercomputers.

The HPC solution uses Red Hat Enterprise Linux to integrate with Platform Computing's Open Cluster Stack. End users of the system have a range of tools for deploying and maintaining an HPC cluster in various work environments, from small-to-medium business to enterprise. The HPC stack is designed for deployment at each node in the cluster. The stack includes:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system;
  • Device drivers/cluster interconnect support;
  • Cluster installer;
  • Resource monitor; and
  • Platform Computing's Lava-based job scheduler (instead of the typical Cron scheduler).

As part of the package, Red Hat provides 24x7 support for all components, reducing the time and expertise necessary to set up and optimize the HPC cluster.

The agreement between Red Hat and Platform opens new markets in the HPC space by lowering costs for customers, according to Songnian Zhou, Platform Computing's CEO.

"Platform is excited to partner with Red Hat to reach new markets for HPC solutions...," Zhou said in a prepared statement. "This agreement supports Platform's strategy to enable organizations to improve time to results and reduce computing costs when deploying cluster and grid software solutions."

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