Progress Adds New Features to ObjectStore

Progress Software has upgraded its ObjectStore solution to version 7, enhancing a solution that supports high-performance caching for service-oriented architectures (SOAs). The enhancements include new monitoring and management tools, as well as support for Java Development Kit 5 (JDK 5) and additional platforms and compilers.

ObjectStore is an object database management system that helps enterprise solution developers support complex, robust, available, low-latency data storage. It enables fast connections between Java and C++ apps and relational databases for "in-memory" performance.

ObjectStore 7, which is shipping now, features the following enhancements:

  • An AJAX-based management tool that lets database administrators control and monitor the execution of ObjectStore-based application processes via a Web-based interface.
  • Enhanced support for JDK 5, adding language features such as Generics, Enhanced For Loop, Autoboxing/Unboxing, Typesafe Enums, Varargs, Static Import and Annotations.
  • Support for Microsoft Windows Vista, Visual Studio .NET 2005 and Red Hat Linux 4.0 32-bit.

Increasingly, SOA and grid-based computing are becoming the preferred environments for application deployment and integration, according to IDC Research VP Carl Olofson.

"Such architectures and environments require facilities that can support the sharing and management of in-process data in a scalable and recoverable way," he said in a prepared statement. He added that ObjectStore 7 provides a "transition path ... so that the many hundreds of applications developed using ObjectStore can be upgraded easily."

About the Author

David Kopf is a freelance technology writer and marketing consultant, and can be reached at [email protected].