DreamFactory Opens Doors With SaaS Developer Portal

DreamFactory has unveiled its DreamFactory Developer Portal, a free online arena to help software-as-a-service (SaaS) developers meet and quickly build and deploy Web apps.

Targeting large and small development teams using platforms such as Salesforce AppExchange, WebEx Connect, Amazon S3 and Oracle On-Demand, the portal will provide "virtual workspaces," developer tools, training and community for building, testing, sharing and publishing SaaS applications. The portal is also part of the WebEx Connect Developer Network and the Salesforce Developer Community.

"We see the Developer Portal as a collective community which will enhance the customer value chain as well as provide a way for developers and partners to build monetizable business applications," said Ken Neff, DreamFactory's vice president of products and services, in a prepared statement.

To keep the environment secure, the portal's security architecture minimizes interaction with the client operating system and allows the safe deployment of Web services functions. Beyond the client, the DreamFactory virtual machine acts as a safe container for untrusted objects, and objects run in private "sandboxes" to prevent breaches across projects. On the network DreamFactory contributes as a client by following given security protocols such as Tickets, WS-Security, GXA-Security and other security standards for encrypting data or managing session tickets.

The portal also provides a documentation index containing 1,200 pages of quick start guides, manuals, tutorials, white papers and other references in HTML and PDF formats.

About the Author

David Kopf is a freelance technology writer and editor.