SOA Blueprint: NetManage Tool Captures Real-time Service Usage

Understanding which transactions and services can benefit from a service-oriented architecture is half the battle. A new tool from NetManage, Inc. is designed to help companies do just that.

The SOA Planner, announced last week, monitors host system interactions on the network to decipher service usage patterns. End-user process information is captured in real-time and used as a blueprint to help companies devise a practical SOA implementation strategy. NetManage supports an incremental approach to SOA adoption that is based on modernizing legacy applications and small project deployments.

"Enterprises planning a SOA initiative require an effective tool to help them non-invasively analyze service usage patterns in order to maximize the value of their SOA deployment," said Jason Bloomberg, Zapthink senior analyst, in a statement. "NetManage's new SOA Planner provides a blueprint based on tangible evidence for what an organization's SOA strategy should look like to help system architects and developers plan their deployments."

SOA Planner rounds out NetManage's Incremental SOA adoption strategy, which offers tools (OnWeb) for what the company describes as a four-step process: plan, build, evolve and scale. NetManage SOA Planner, a server based product, is expected to become available on December 4, 2006.

About the Author

Kathleen Richards ([email protected]) is the editor of and executive editor of Visual Studio Magazine.