Protegrity offers enterprise data security in its entirety

The latest version of Defiance Security Software, Suite 4.1, hit shelves this week. And its makers say the new version is the only data and app security suite on the market capable of protecting enterprise data from acquisition to deletion and all areas in between.

Stamford, Conn. based Protegrity released the product, touting it as the most comprehensive security software available to date. Suite 4.1 enables users to implement an all-encompassing method of data protection and business apps.

“Organizations are looking for a centrally managed security solution that can be deployed enterprise-wide, while giving them the confidence that their sensitive data is protected throughout its lifecycle. Defiance 4.1 enables organizations to do just that,” said Gordon Rapkin, Protegrity CEO and president. “The key to protect this data is securing both the path to the data as well as the data itself.”

Protegrity upgraded its DPS with Defiance XC, which provides encryption and control to a wide range of enterprise apps and legacy systems. DPS centrally controls enforcement, auditing and reporting for the XC system. This enables multiple apps and legacy systems to share their security services, slashing costs for the end user.

Defiance TMS 4.1 provides expanded security filtering, prohibiting trial-and-error hackers from stumbling upon user names, passwords and cryptographic keys. An injection security function, LDAP, also protects from a motley crew of attacks targeted towards database directory services, and a new Operations Dashboard View provides at-a-glance Defiance control for end users.

Defiance 4.1, available now, can be purchased as an integrated suite or as separate products through Protegrity or one of its resellers.