JBoss enhances portal with Web services support

JBoss has released JBoss Portal 2.4, which adds support for the Web Services for Remote Portlets (WSRP) spec.

JBoss Portal is an extensible portal framework that integrates dynamic Web pages, apps and content within standardized and reusable portlets. Instead of bundling portlets and the portal into a single app, users can deploy portlets remotely and let the portal consume portlets as needed via WSRP.

WSRP support in JBoss Portal 2.4 extends to both the producer, i.e., portlet containers, and the consumer, which is the system communicating with presentation-oriented Web services on behalf of users. Version 2.4 supports service description and markup interfaces and implicit cloning for both producers and consumers. In addition, version 2.4 extends support on the consumer side to standard window states and mode and the registration interface.

JBoss Portal is free to download and use for both development and production deployments.