Genuitec previews NetBeans GUI builder for MyEclipse

BY ADT Staff

A preview of Genuitec's Matisse4MyEclipse GUI Builder plug-in is available for developers. Matisse4MyEclipse is based on the GUI Builder feature recently released in NetBeans 5.0, which was codenamed Project Matisse. The Genuitec implementation of Matisse enables the creation of Java Swing rich-client apps within the MyEclipse environment.

A provider of RAD tools for Java and Java EE development, Genuitec's MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench IDE extends the Eclipse platform to support UML, Web/AJAX, EJB/Spring/Hibernate, database, and rich client platform development for the full application lifecycle.

"We've had numerous requests to provide a Swing visual UI designer to facilitate Java rich-client development within MyEclipse," says Maher Masri, president of Genuitec. "Since our user community kept referring to 'Matisse-like' capabilities, we decided they would be better served if we integrated Matisse itself, rather than try to duplicate the effort."

In addition to incorporating features from Project Matisse, the NetBeans 5.0 IDE provides comprehensive support for building Java Platform, Standard Edition, Java Platform, Enterprise Edition and Java Platform, Micro Edition applications. This latest version also supports a variety of technology packs that differentiate it from other developer tools including the NetBeans Enterprise Pack for SOA development and UML modeling support, and the NetBeans C/C++ Pack for developing native applications for Solaris, Linux and Windows operating systems. More information is available.