Autoweb launches 'Fusion-DX' product data management

By ADT Staff

Autoweb is launching Fusion-DX, a data integration solution that automates the manual processes associated with product data management and global data exchange. Fuxion-DX is the first product based on the technologies from Autoweb and Datranet, which the company acquired in November.

As orgs expand globally, data management processes and intellectual property protection have become increasingly important. Many companies still rely on disjointed processes that require excessive manual effort to meet global requirements.

"Within the automotive industry alone, there is a $1.4 billion annual expense due to disparate product data handling procedures and practices,” says Nino DiCosmo, chairman, president and CEO of Autoweb. “Fusion-DX addresses the factors driving that cost and lessens the data management burden."

Autoweb Fusion-DX provides users with key functionality, such as efficient global data exchange, standard integration into internal data management systems such as PLM, CAD, translator and viewer apps, and automated reporting and product data security. For more information, visit Autoweb.