SAND upgrades promise info-on-demand

SAND Technology has upgraded its data archiving and analytics technology, repackaged it and gained certification for SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence. The company's Analytic Server and Searchable Archives, based on technology originally developed at Lockheed, are now part of the SAND Dynamic Nearline Architecture. SAND/DNA is a suite of products which allow companies to compress data to about 10 to 15 percent of its raw size, store it in a nearline repository, then retrieve the data for business analysis, using SQL-based tools, without decompressing it first.

"Our vision is to have the capability to be a repository for all of your detailed transaction data in the enterprise and a system for all of your downstream processing of that data," says Jerry Shattner, executive VP at SAND Technology.

SAND/DNA Access stores read-only versions of any structured data, keeping track of any changes or transformations over time automatically. SAND/DNA Analytics enables users to get BI out of the that data, without going through the preplanning, data modeling and indexing that is typically required, says Shattner.

The high performance of SAND's technology makes its appropriate for large volumes of enterprise data and data warehouses. Shattner cites load speeds of better than 5 terabytes per hour during recent tests with Sun Microsystems in Scotland; and retrieval speeds as high as 75 million rows per second.

The SAND/DNA suite includes SAND/DNA Analytics for what-if analysis, SAND/DNA Access, and SAND/DNA for Use with SAP NetWeaver BI. SAND/DNA was certified by SAP in December. The new releases also offer tighter integration, says Shattner. For more information, visit SAND.

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Kathleen Richards ([email protected]) is the editor of and executive editor of Visual Studio Magazine.