Licensing framework aimed at protecting Java app agreements

jProductivity has released Protection! v. 2.0, a licensing framework for Java that ensures users will adhere to the terms of their application licensing agreements, according to the company. Protection! enables developers to prevent the unlicensed use of their software by embedding license reading and validation code into their components and apps.

The licensing framework ensures that only the licensed features are available, the license has not expired, the user has accepted the terms of the license agreement, and the proper number of copies are running on the network. A tampering subsystem ensures that license information is present, and that the application has not been patched to circumvent the terms of the license agreement.

Protection! Standard and Professional cost $407 and $997 respectively for a single-developer license. Protection! Sales Standard and Professional cost $49 and $99 respectively for a single-user license. Protection! Backend costs $1,557 per CPU.

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