Efficient problem resolution reaches a conclusion

Recently, iConclude launched a product suite called Repair System aimed at making problem resolution more efficient. iConclude says Repair System’s approach gives front-line operations or support teams better tools for solving business-critical incidents quickly.

Targeted at IT shops that need to improve their problem triage and remediation process, Repair System consists of a set of software tools that helps IT diagnose and repair problems through a series of manual, guided steps or with automated data gathering and analysis tools.

The system goes beyond problem identification by offering pre-configured templates called Repair Packs that address the complexities of applications built on J2EE, MQSeries, .NET, Unix, Linux and Microsoft Server intrastuctures. Such "Packs" supply app expertise in the complex world of SOAs.

Repair Packs come with hundreds of pre-configured resolution flows. IT can check server health, identify application connectivity and configuration issues, fix configuration settings, restart stalled servers and validate settings. The J2EE Repair Pack can, for instance, check connectivity between Web, application, database servers, scan for bad configuration settings, check logs and update the queue.