Mindreef intros Web services lifecycle collab platform

Mindreef has released a Web services lifecycle collaboration platform for organizations building Web services and service-oriented architectures. Mindreef Coral, as the new platform is named, enables users, service teams and service consumers to collaborate and share information, regardless of role, skill set or development environment, the company says.

"SOA is impossible without effective collaboration," says Anne Thomas Manes, VP and research director at Burton Group. "SOA is all about collaboration and reuse. There are few significant technical hurdles to SOA adoption: people-oriented issues are the challenge. A lot of people think problems can be solved with technology, but they are not taking into account the organizational and cultural issues."

Mindreef Coral addresses the challenges of SOA collaboration by supplying teams with servers that can be linked together. Each Mindreef Coral server acts as a hub, housing Web service data and containing XML-aware tools that allow team members to govern, test, diagnose and support Web services collaboratively. Mindreef Coral's tools are available to various roles including architects, managers, business analysts, developers, testers and support staff. The tools enable roles that do not have deep XML or programming skills to perform tasks that previously required more technical skills.

Mindreef Coral is available for purchase on a concurrent-user license basis. Pricing starts at $999 for a Coral Server that includes the base system components and two-user licenses. Additional user licenses can be added for $499 per year. The platform runs on Windows XP Professional and Windows Server 2003. For more information, go to