Logistics and transportation customers get more respect

The Customer Respect Group, an international research and consulting firm that focuses on how corporations treat their online customers, has released findings from its Fourth Quarter 2005 Online Customer Respect Study of Transportation, Distribution and Logistics Industry. This is the fifth study conducted on the industry.

This report analyzed mail, package and freight delivery, trucking and truck leasing, and mail-facilitation Web sites to obtain a sample of the sector.

Overall, the transportation, distribution and logistics industry scored a CRI rating of 7.0, compared to 6.6 for its last report in the second quarter of 2005. This continues a slow but steady improvement for the industry. The score moves the industry from fifth position to a joint second with the retail industry, just behind the airline and travel industry. The improvements, however, are largely concentrated in the mail, package and freight delivery sector.

The Web sites from five sector firms ranked excellent, including Overnite Transportation Company, Canada Post, Purolator, United Parcel Service and the US Postal Service. These companies have consistently performed well in recent studies, and in many ways went against some of the key trends seen across the industry. The top-scoring sector firms and their CRI ratings were:

Overnite Transportation Company

Canada Post


United Parcel Service

United States Postal Service

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