Netmanage joins JBoss Certified Partner Program

NetManage announced on Tuesday it has become a JBoss Certified Solutions Partner. NetManage will offer Librados pure Java JCA Plus Adapters to enterprises building and deploying solutions on the JBoss Enterprise Middleware Suite.

Using NetManage Librados adapters, Java developers can integrate complex apps with ERP, CRM databases and middleware.

NetManage Librados adapters also act as performers in a JBoss jBPM process or orchestration and are compatible with JBoss Eclipse IDE.

"The NetManage and JBoss partnership offers open-source developers a simple yet sophisticated integration solution to extend and expose back-end functionality of the JBoss Application Server or Web server environment, reducing complexity and time-to-value for customer integration projects," says Andy Murchison, VP of worldwide alliances at NetManage.

NetManage Librados adapters allow users to interface to any back-end system, including both enterprise applications and mainframe systems, the company says. With a suite of application adapters, back-end enterprise application functionality can be exposed as XML and Web services.