The Ottawa Hospital Prescribes DINMAR for IT Ailments

Healthcare IT specialist DINMAR, in conjunction with the Ottawa Hospital in Ontario, announced on Monday the completion of the first stage of a broad-scale implementation of DINMAR’s Java-based electronic health record platform, Oacis EHR.

DINMAR incorporates Java programming throughout its entire electronic health record system because of Java’s ease of development, portability and flexible user interface functionality, according to DINMAR.

The clinicians and doctors of the Ottawa Hospital now have instant access to smart patient lists, intuitive summaries, detailed results and configurable views through a secure network, made possible by an initial upgrade to Oacis infrastructure components, including its clinical data repository and integration engine. Automated clinical decision support assistants also streamline workflow and improve care quality, claims DINMAR.

Oacis EHR’s open architecture allowed for full interoperability with the current supplementary and administrative systems, eliminating the need for replacement.

About the Author

Jamison Cush is assistant editor at Application Development Trends magazine.