Quest Automates Operational Management for Java Apps, Portals

Quest Software yesterday introduced software aimed at helping IT teams monitor their production app environments for better problem resolution, performance management and availability management.

The Performance Management Suite for Java and Portals oversees and manages critical Java applications and enterprise portals by performance monitoring, memory monitoring and diagnostics. The suite monitors critical service-level indicators such as memory usage, user transactions and response times, then correlates these transactions with back-end server issues through on-demand diagnostics. These diagnostics focus on specific cases, isolating problems down to the line of code. Diagnostics also identify problematic SQL statements and resource contention issues. They also graphically map the interdependencies of components servicing transactions.

The software detects and diagnoses memory leaks around the clock, and identifies specific end-user requests that lead to memory leaks. The Performance Management Suite stops out-of-memory errors and server crashes. It also specifies any Java class for memory leak analysis, or ramps up quickly with out-of-the-box class definitions.

It detects and isolates portal problems, regardless of where they happen in the hierarchy. The Performance Management Suite identifies how much time is spent in portlets, services, caching and the portal framework.

Role-based dashboards can be customized for business or technical audiences. IT operations can view Java applications, application servers, portals, Web servers, services-oriented architecture, databases, ERP applications and the end-user experience on one dashboard.

The Performance Management Suite runs on JBoss, WebLogic, WebSphere, Apache Tomcat and Oracle application servers. It supports HP-UX, Windows, Red Hat Linux, AIX, Solaris and SuSE Linux operating systems.

Pricing starts at $12,000, and is based upon performance management capabilities and the environments the apps are deployed in.

About the Author

Kathleen Ohlson is senior editor at Application Development Trends magazine.