JavaOne Vendors Offer Open Source Tools

JavaOne exhibitors continue to showcase their offerings this week. Find out about open source products, tools for integration and distributed applications, Java IDEs, and more.

Azul Systems
Azul Systems (booth 441) introduced a network attached processing solution that unlocks the power of Java platform-based applications and eliminates capacity planning at the application level, as well as a lot of the cost and complexity associated with the traditional delivery of computing resources. Network attached processing is a relatively new approach for delivering compute resources that targets virtual machine-based applications and the transaction processing needs of the modern application tier. It provides significant amounts of compute capacity as a shared network service, similar to how network attached storage provides shared storage capacity to data centers. The company provides Azul Compute Appliance, a networking attached processing appliance that is a highly scalable, flat symmetric multiprocessing system for efficient virtual machine workloads.
Azul Systems Inc.
Fax: 650-230-6600

Coridan (booth 523) is introducing its MantaRay Activators, an open source product that works as messaging middleware without the middleware server. It allows organizations to use service-oriented and event-driven architectures in the same IT environment and at the same time, which is significantly faster and more flexible than bus-based and server-based solutions. The MantaRay Activator Framework introduces a new peer-to-peer architecture that gives developers direct communication between Web services, databases, and file types—all using a single API and no server, no bus, and no limit on the number of users.
Coridan Inc.
Fax: 801-327-5908

Exadel Inc. (booth 530) announced the availability of Exadel Studio Pro 3.0, an advanced enterprise-class Web application development suite designed to work with the Eclipse 3.1 IDE platform. The product combines visual and source-oriented development approaches with support for multiple open source technologies including JSF, Struts, Hibernate, and Spring. It's designed to simplify and accelerate the application development lifecycle, enabling developers to spend less time analyzing programming problems and more time addressing critical business issues. Exadel Studio Pro 3.0 is available for download and trial use as a Developer Preview; the general release will be available in early August in conjunction with the availability of Eclipse 3.1.
Exadel Inc.
Fax: 925-363-9509

GigaSpaces Technologies
GigaSpaces Technologies Inc. (booth 415) is announcing the newest release of its Enterprise Application Grid (EAG), which includes a dynamic service provisioning and monitoring framework that lets applications run over a dynamic pool of low-cost commodity hardware based on specific SLA requirements. This approach replaces the manual process of developing, deploying, and managing distributed applications with an automated service deployment, monitoring, and management system. EAG provides distributed infrastructure solutions for transaction-intensive, business-critical applications.
GigaSpaces Technologies
Fax: 212-308-7886

JNetDirect (booth 1532) is announcing Business Interaction System (JBIS) 3.0, a major upgrade to its component integration technology. JBIS helps meet the challenges developers face when they connect their solution to applications built by others. It provides embedded cross-platform integration with other systems, and supports your software by incorporating critical integration features directly into your application. JBIS can enhance the capabilities of applications by seamlessly connecting with the existing software without requiring you to modify existing systems. JBIS is being offered at a per-CPU cost available through a free 30-day try-and-buy model to ensure that the product fits your application.
Fax: 703-476-0976

Justsystem Corporation
Justsystem (booth 611) is showcasing xfy Basic Edition 1.0, a new XML document authoring and application development framework that is ideal for SOAs. Justsystem's xfy is written entirely in Java and gives you a one-stop shop for document creation, application development, and management of the client runtime environment. It can work with unlimited types and nesting levels of markup languages. The beta version is available for download from the xfy Web site.
Justsystem Corporation
[email protected]

OpenLogic Inc.
OpenLogic (booth 639) is announcing BlueGlue 3.2, an open source infrastructure management suite that lets you create and manage your own integrated, commercial-grade open source development and deployment environments. It automates the reliable installation, configuration, integration, test, and maintenance of certified and supported stacks built from customer-specified combinations of more than 100 leading open source projects. OpenLogic also announced the availability of a free BlueGlue Starter Edition, which combines the Eclipse IDE and a collection of more than 20 Eclipse plug-ins that support JBoss, MySQL, Struts, and PHP. The BlueGlue Eclipse Starter Edition is available for downloaded from OpenLogic's Web site.
Fax: 720-240-4556

Oracle Corporation
Oracle (booth 625) announced that it is offering the license for JDeveloper at no charge (software support and maintenance can be purchased for a fee). Oracle JDeveloper 10g is an integrated development environment with end-to-end support for modeling, developing, debugging, optimizing, and deploying Java applications and Web services. Oracle is also changing the bundling of Oracle Application Development Framework (Oracle ADF), creating a new bundle combining TopLink and ADF runtimes. This new bundle is free of charge with all editions of Oracle Application Server 10g.
Oracle Corporation

SAP (booth 409) provides business software solutions including the mySAP Business Suite, which is a comprehensive family of business solutions. The underlying technical foundation, SAP NetWeaver, ensures maximum reliability, security, and scalability. Mission-critical business processes run smoothly, and this Web services-based platform can be extended using Sun's J2EE technology and offers a comprehensive, tightly integrated set of capabilities.
Fax: +49-6227-762707

Sonic Software
As the inventor and leading provider of the enterprise service bus (ESB), Sonic Software (booth 1600) will be showcasing its enterprise integration and messaging products that deliver flexibility, scalability, and continuous availability through patent-pending innovations. Sonic Software enables customers to integrate their organizations from the department to the extended enterprise with a standards-based SOA.
Sonic Software
Fax: 781-999-7202

Xythos Software
Xythos (booth 610) is introducing Xythos WebFile Server Suite and Xythos Developer Studio. Xythos WebFile Server Suite provides a comprehensive environment for enterprise application developers to create integrated content management solutions for both new and existing projects and applications. Xythos Developer Studio includes a comprehensive set of tools to create or customize a Xythos document management installation.
Xythos Software
Fax: 415-248-3807