Mobile App Development Network Rolled Out

Action Engine, a mobile application platform leader, launched the Action Engine Developer Network for independent software vendors and developers to build applications for the Action Engine Mobile Application Platform.

The mobile application platform company will provide its software development kit, training, marketing and sales support to developers who want to participate in the software development program. Features for the Action Engine Software Development Kit include an application distribution store for selling directly to consumers, application catalogs for selling to network operations and device emulators for developing products for a variety of handsets.

“The launch of the Action Engine Developer Network invites developers to create mobile applications that are both easy to develop and profitable to deploy,” says Scott Silk, the company’s president and CEO. “Through this program, we will offer operators an expanded suite of mobile applications that will drive increased usage and data services revenue.”

Later this year, Action Engine will add support for Windows Mobile, Symbian and Java devices in its Action Engine Developer Network. At that point, developers involved in the company’s Mobile Application Platform would be able to build applications that run on more than 80 percent of the world’s handsets, Action Engine says.

According to Action Engine, its software development kit would allow certified partners to develop mobile applications at a fraction of the cost of building native applications. Applications that run on the Action Engine Mobile Application Platform would allow wireless subscribers to access content faster and achieve response times 20 times faster than with browser-based applications, the company says.

The company is currently seeking developers to participate in its program, specifically developers who build operator-quality applications for mobile handsets, who have relationships with mobile network operators and knowledge of mobile subscribers’ regional preferences.

About the Author

Kathleen Ohlson is senior editor at Application Development Trends magazine.