NetApps and VERITAS Collaborate on Data Protection Solutions

Network Appliance and VERITAS Software have introduced data protection and management solutions for multi-vendor environments, which the two companies say will enable their enterprise customers to reduce backup times, simplify management and decrease disk consumption.

The two companies have integrated the latest version of VERITAS NetBackup with NetApp NearStore storage systems and SnapVault software to reduce backup and restore times on disk, while retaining data on tape for long-term archival and disaster recovery using a common management console. The joint solution supports HP-UX, IBM AIX, Microsoft Windows and Novell NetWare.

The companies also have integrated VERITAS Enterprise Vault 6.0 with NetApp NearStore and SnapLock to help customers meet compliance and regulatory requirements with a fast way to archive and retrieve data.

"We have been using VERITAS NetBackup software along with NetApp NearStore to protect and restore our customers' business-critical data, such as customer title applications and commercial property assessments," says Jack Kinsey, enterprise services manager, LandAmerica Financial Group.

"We consolidated and simplified the management of NetApp SnapVault software for our NearStore system [with] NetBackup's integrated console,” Kinsey says. “This allows us to streamline backup and restore by minimizing data volume backups and restoring point-in-time data snapshots."

The features of the combined VERITAS NetBackup 6.0 and NetApp NearStore solutions include:

  • VERITAS NetBackup 6.0 has a single management interface for heterogeneous disk-to-disk-to-tape protection, including management of NetApp Snapshot, SnapRestore and SnapVault software for storage system protection. Administrators can easily set policies for efficient data protection across the entire lifecycle.
  • Block-level elimination of duplicate or redundant data. The solutions eliminate redundant data blocks during the backup process to prevent storage of duplicate information on NearStore and significantly reduce backup-media consumption.
  • Increased disk-based backup performance. NetApp and VERITAS have developed new protocols to enable rapid backups to the NearStore disk array which eliminate common disk-based backup bottlenecks and complexity.
  • Faster, simpler recovery. The integrated solutions provide administrators and end-users a view of backup files in their native format, just as they would see them on a shared server. Users or IT managers can rapidly search through hundreds of consolidated online backups and perform drag-and-drop restores of individual files or folders directly from the NetApp NearStore system.