Free Java to .NET Migration Workshop

Microsoft hopes to lure more developers into the .NET camp with a free Java to .NET Framework Migration Workshop. The workshop features online, self-paced training designed to introduce Java developers to .NET development concepts based on using their Java skills as a frame of reference.

This eight-part workshop contains more than 15 hours of free training and provides detailed information on migrating existing applications and functionality from Java to the Microsoft .NET Framework. It includes how to map common J2SE and J2EE functionality to the equivalent .NET Framework functionality, and describes tools and techniques you can use to migrate J2SE and J2EE services to the .NET Framework.

The workshop consists of video presentations and demonstrations, downloadable student notes and hands-on labs that student can complete using the MSDN Virtual Labs infrastructure.

Each module and lab covers specific topic areas and are not dependent on each other, allowing developers to choose the modules and topics that interest them most.

Most modules in this workshop have accompanying labs that are a hands-on way to learn concepts by performing actual code migrations. The course has been adapted for the Web and uses the MSDN Virtual Labs infrastructure as a lab environment. There have been some adaptations from the original course in the way the labs are offered online, but these changes are noted in the lab manuals, Microsoft says. You’ll need Microsoft Word to read the lab manuals. More information is available at