TeamShare release foresees business use

[FEBRUARY 19, 2001] -- The distinctions between defect tracking, project management, configuration management and business process management tools may continue to blur. Collaborative software maker TeamShare has just released TeamTrack 5.5, which the company sees as a defect-tracking solution that can expand beyond the developer team to meet the needs of business managers.

"We've taken an extensible approach," said Bruce Huebner, TeamShare CEO. This in turn enables easier communication, which promotes stronger enterprise-wide team communication and accountability, he said.

Mark Marino, technology consultant at automated payroll giant ADP in Roseland, N.J., has implemented a TeamShare system that handles numerous product releases 'in-flight' for more than 1,500 users. To this point, his goal is a better roll-up of defect data for development management. The system replaced a home-brewed effort using Lotus Notes and other tools to do software defect tracking and metrics.

Marino describes the product as "Web-based, not just Web-enabled. It really is a thin client," he added. "It can do most everything through the browser."

TeamShare has given ADP a better means of tracking dual maintenance. "The tricky part about it is coordinating activities [so as] not to step on people's toes if you have Version 2 in testing and [Version] 2.1 in the pipeline. It has come in really nice you can do maintenance," Marino said.

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Jack Vaughan is former Editor-at-Large at Application Development Trends magazine.