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101communications Launches New Magazine for Software Developers

Chatsworth, CA—Oct. 3, 2001. 101communications announced today the launch of a new bi-monthly publication targeting developers across multiple languages and platforms. Programmers Report will debut as a January/February 2002 publication and reach a targeted circulation of more than 100,000 corporate and government developers.

Programmers Report will be edited by Jack Vaughan, a computer trade-press veteran with more than 18 years experience. “Programmers Report will incorporate key elements of current 101communications titles, Java Report and the Journal of Object-Oriented Programming, and expand their individual coverage to better reflect the breadth of issues faced by the developer community,” said Jack Vaughan. “In today’s world, developers must be adept at using multiple technologies. Organizations can no longer afford to be dependent on a single technology or supplier.”

Java Report, a monthly publication focusing on Java technology, will publish its last issue in October, while Journal of Object-Oriented Programming subscribers will receive their final issue in December. Current readers and advertisers of both publications will be transitioned to Programmers Report starting with the January/February 2002 issue.

“We are determined to build on the proud legacy of the Journal of Object-Oriented Programming and Java Report to give readers inside information on the latest development technologies,” said Vaughan.

The new publication will be aimed at programmers versed in using a variety of object-oriented technologies to build simple and complex applications. In addition to analysis of the software development field, its features will include “how-to” articles, product reviews, book reviews and code samples. “Programmers Report will provide developers with a single source for extensive coverage of C++, Java, C# and other object technologies used extensively every day by corporate and government programmers,” said Mike Bucken, editorial director of 101’s Software Development Group.

“We strongly believe that both our current readers and advertisers will benefit tremendously from the expanded coverage and reach of Programmers Report,” said Gordon Haight, general manager of 101’s Core IT Group. “Programmers Report reaffirms 101communications’ continued leadership in software development publishing.”

101communications will also launch a software development portal Web site that will include unique content from Application Development Trends, Programmers Report and the archive of Java Report and the Journal of Object-Oriented Programming. The portal has a planned launch date of January 1, 2002.

About 101
Founded in 1998, 101communications is an integrated media company in the business-to-business market aimed at the many specialized targets within the greater information technology community. 101’s portfolio includes magazines, conferences and extensive digital offerings in the U.S. and Europe in five areas: Software Development (Application Development Trends, Java Report, Journal of Object-Oriented Programming, Application Development Advisor, Java™ SPEKTRUM, OBJEKTspektrum, SIGS/101 Conferences); Vertical Markets (Recharger Magazine, Recharger WorldExpo, Office Technology, Syllabus, Syllabus Conferences); Windows Certification (Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine, MCP TechMentor Conferences), Enterprise Technology (Enterprise Systems, TDWI, Enterprise Linux Institute, IT Events) and Government Technology (Federal Computer Week, E-Gov). For more information on 101communications visit www.101com.com.

For more information contact Jack Vaughan, 508-875-6644 ext. 22, [email protected], or Abraham Langer, 508-875-6644 ext. 19, [email protected].

Editor-in-Chief, Dwight Deugo, [email protected]
Executive Director, Mike Bucken, [email protected]
Editor-at-Large, Jack Vaughan, [email protected]
Executive Managing Editor, Kim Hefner, [email protected]
Web Editor, Dan Olawski, [email protected]
Assistant Managing Editor, Donna Sussman, [email protected]
Graphic Designer, Scott Rovin, [email protected]
Associate Editor, Philip J. Gill; [email protected]
Product Review Editor, John K. Waters; [email protected]

Advertising Sales
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West Coast Representative, Maurine Blake, [email protected]

101communications LLC
Curt Hessler, Chairman and CEO
Jeffrey S. Klein, President and COO

Java™ Report Editorial Advisory Board
Grady Booch, [email protected]
Chief Scientist at Rational Software, Santa Clara, CA.

Desmond D'Souza, [email protected]
President & Chief Scientist of ICON Computing in Austin, TX.

Sanjiv Gossain, [email protected]
CTO of Cambridge Technology Partners.

Rex Jaeschke, [email protected]
Chair of the ANSI C standards committee that pioneered the idea of locales and provided standardized language supports for internationalization in C. Rex is Chairman of the ANSI Java Committee J22, and Secretary of the ISO Java Study Group SC22/JSG. He teaches seminars on Java, C/C++, Internationalization, and the 32-bit API.

David Jordan,[email protected]
Founder and CTO of Object Identity, Inc. (http://www.objectidentity.com) in Cary, NC.
He specializes in database and object technologies. He is a member of the Java Data Objects (JDO) expert group, Java Editor of the ODMG, and the author of C++ Object Databases.

Simon Roberts, [email protected]
An accomplished software engineer for Sun Microsystems, is currently teaching Java courses and leading the team responsible for developing Sun's Java Certification Program and exam.

Rick Ross, [email protected]

Douglas Schmidt, [email protected]
Faculty Member at Washington University, St. Louis, MO. His research focuses on object-oriented techniques for developing parallel communications systems that support distributed applications on high-speed networks.

Glenn Vanderburg, [email protected]
Senior Consultant at Delphi Consultants, LLC, where he uses Java to develop advanced applications and frameworks for client businesses. Additionally, Glenn is the author of Maximum Java 1.1, an advanced Java programming book, and he occasionally lectures on various topics related to Java.

Andreas Vogel, [email protected]
Andreas Vogel is Senior Consultant at Visigenic Software, Inc.

Matt Brenner, Uncle Chicken Software
Chris Carpenter, Independent Consultant
John Crupi, Sun Microsystems
Steven W. Disbrow, EGO Systems
David Geary, Sabreware
Kevlin Henney, Independent Consultant
Ethan Henry, Sitraka Software
David Jordan, Object Identity, Inc.
Lowell Kaplan, Random Walk Computing
Scott Oaks, Sun Microsystems
Tig Tillinghast, Independent Consultant
John Vlissides, IBM
Kumanan Yogaratnam, Espial

Christine Oldenbrook, VP/Circulation, [email protected]
Erik Gauger, Manager, [email protected]

Rey Shields, Accounts Receivable Credit Manager, [email protected]

Brad Stauffer, Senior VP of Operations, [email protected]
Joleen Mathews, Production Director, [email protected]
Johnny Wilson, Production Coordinator, [email protected]

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