January 2001 From the Pages Columns

Lab Notes™
Conditional compilation in Java
Matt Brenner
Java is remarkably portable and platform independent for the most part. There are times when conditional compilation can help out in Java programming. Matt introduces a simple utility program to support conditional compilation. He explains how to obtain, compile, and use the utility program and when best to use conditional compilation.

Architect's Corner
Integrating load testing with software development

Himanshu Bhatt
Successful projects require mitigating risks early on. Himanshu examines how an enterprise Java technology development project can mitigate the risk of not achieving its performance and scalability objectives by using a load simulation framework.

Madison Avenue Java
The Java psychographic
Tig Tillinghast
Java people. Tig gives a gross generalization about what this audience is really like. His sense of the Java audience comes from the many emails he receives in response to the various Java issues discussed in his column and from the people he meets at various trade events.