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  • Accelerate the Move from Waterfall to Agile Development

    This paper talks about moving from a Waterfall to an Agile Development approach. There is a new generation of JUnit generators that deliver unit-level regression tests that can provide near-complete unit-level code coverage at the push of a button, providing a substantial boost to development teams that have moved to or are planning to move to an Agile process.

  • DevOps for a New Millennium: A Lifecycle Perspective Supporting Business Growth in an Altered Economy

    This paper elaborates on this lifecycle approach. It examines 21st century DevOps through a pragmatic lens, positioning "real-world" DevOps as an ongoing lifecycle versus a point-in time handoff. It details the key stages of the lifecycle (each stage typically encompassing its own lifecycle) along with stakeholders involved at each stage. It also discusses the leadership and responsibility transitions that occur at each stage. 

  • Hurwitz: The Benefits of Migrating to a Modern Application Platform Infrastructure

    Read this paper to learn about the characteristics of a modern middleware platform and how companies benefit from migrating from older inflexible monolithic infrastructures to a modular and flexible environment.

  • IDC: How Red Hat's JBoss Enterprise Application Platform is Extending Business Value

    IDC studied the business value and benefits that three JBoss customers achieved by modernizing their middleware infrastructure with JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6. The study found that by moving to Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6.

  • Gartner: Magic Quadrant for On-Premises Application Platforms

    New and composite on-premises applications need a complex array of runtime technologies and development capabilities. This report examines the leading application infrastructure vendors that provide IT developers and architects with complete end-to-end support for application projects for enterprise use. Download this report to see why Red Hat is positioned in the leader's quadrant for on-premises application platforms.

  • Gartner: Magic Quadrant for On-Premises Application Platforms

    New and composite on-premises applications need a complex array of runtime technologies and development capabilities. This report examines the leading application infrastructure vendors that provide IT developers and architects with complete end-to-end support for application projects for enterprise use. Download this report to see why Red Hat is positioned in the leader's quadrant for on-premises application platforms.

  • The Rules of Fight Club – Spring Framework/Java EE Edition

    Read this blog to learn about the rules that dispel the misconceptions about Spring Framework and Java EE.

  • Forrester: Open Source BPM Hits the Mark for Delivering New Class of Process Apps

    Read this paper to learn about the challenges faced by application development teams today, and how developers can benefit most from open source BPM solutions that provide full-featured process modeling, analytics, and business rules capabilities. The findings in this study are based on Forrester’s own research and a custom study of software developers commissioned by Red Hat.

  • Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite 6 Technology Overview

    A business process initiative can be a big change. Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite incorporates all the key elements needed by business process management (BPM) to document, simulate, manage, automate, and monitor business processes and policies. It begins by bridging the gap in communication between business and IT, fostering more effective collaboration so changes can be made more easily and quickly.

  • Is an Open Source BPM Solution Right For You?

    Download this white paper to see how the increased availability of highly functional open source BPM technology is bringing the benefits of BPM solutions within reach.

  • IDC: The Intelligent Integrated Enterprise

    Read this paper to learn how you can create an intelligent, integrated enterprise that dramatically increases both customer satisfaction and profitability. By leveraging business intelligence to integrate and manage widely distributed systems, your organization can meet and exceed enterprise commitments to customers.

  • Red Hat JBoss Fuse Technology Overview

    Red Hat JBoss Fuse is a flexible, small footprint integration platform that can be configured with any combination of components for a customizable IT footprint. Read the technology overview to learn more about the functional components and key features in Red Hat JBoss Fuse that will allow integration beyond the datacenter.

  • Enterprise Integration Patterns Flash Cards

    Use these flashcards along with the popular open source integration framework Apache Camel as an easy reference during the design and development of integration projects. This deck of flashcards covers 49 integration patterns discussed in Gregory Hohpe’s book, Enterprise Integration Patterns.

  • Champions of Software as a Service

    Reducing costs is still a primary reason companies turn to Software as a Service (SaaS). But those at the front of the pack, like cloud leaders in general, are discovering how SaaS can help them achieve a much broader and more strategic goal—unlocking competitive advantage. Learn more.

  • Automate Business Processes - Bonita BPM

    Accelerating your next business process application from model to test to product has never been this easy! Whether you are an IT professional building an app or a manager seeking to boost productivity and lower spend by turning a traditional business process into an paperless app, Bonitasoft's completeBusiness Process Management Suite is customizable for single department or global enterprise needs.

  • Protecting PoS Environments Against Multi-Stage Attacks

    Credit card data breaches and other security disasters have dominated the news of late. In this white paper, find out how to protect point-of-sale environments from multi-stage attacks

  • Protect Your Applications and Reputation with Symantec EV Code Signing

    Code signing can leave applications vulnerable to attack if not properly carried out. In this white paper, learn the advantages of Extended Validation Code Signing Certificates and how they can stop malware infiltration.

  • Securing Your Software for the Mobile Application Market

    Mobile application developers are seeing both greater demand and greater security risks than ever before. Securing code is paramount, and code signing is the way to do it. Read more in this white paper.

  • Securing Your Private Keys as Best Practice for Code Signing Certificates

    Code signing is only as strong as the private keys publishers use. In this white paper, learn how safeguarding private keys might have prevented recent security breaches

  • Securing the Mobile App Market

    Mobile apps are revolutinizing computing--and introducing new risks. Code signing is one way to effecively mitigate those risks. Learn more about it in this white paper

  • Protect Your Brand Against Today’s Malware Threats with Code Signing

    Malware is a big problem for software developers and companies that rely on downloads. But code signing could be the answer. Find out more in this white paper.

  • Protecting Android™ Applications with Secure Code Signing Certificates

    Android's openness isn't always an advantage. It can lead to vulnerabilities. In this white paper, learn how to protect Android apps with secure code signing.

  • Clabby Analyst Report: Workload Automation with Cloud

    Running workloads in a cloud environment presents new challenges. How to manage applications that span the virtual and physical; the public cloud and the private cloud; and the mainframe and distributed systems. In this context, job scheduling is becoming a more dynamic discipline, combining advanced automation with new workload types and cloud delivery models. In this Clabby Research whitepaper, learn how using Workload Automation can help ensure cloud success.

  • EMA/CXP Research Report: The Changing Role of the Service Desk in the Age of Cloud and Agile

    IT Service Management (ITSM) is in a clear state of transition, just as IT is itself undergoing a significant transformation in role and requirements. Many of these pressures for change center in the “consumerization of IT” – as IT services increasingly need to support a more technology savvy, demanding, and diverse set of service consumers. Learn more.

  • 5 Steps to Simplify APM for Business Wide Results

    Application downtime is just one of many costs associated with a fragmented application performance management (APM) strategy. Managing today’s more complex and interdependent mission-critical applications is a growing challenge with even larger business implications. Learn the 5 steps to simplify Application Performance Management.

  • Deliver Your Software Services via the Cloud

    In today’s competitive business environment, independent software vendors (ISVs) can deliver innovative services to their customers via a cloud infrastructure. This white paper from VMware and mindSHIFT Technologies discusses ways that ISVs can capitalize on the cloud.

  • Develop Your 1st Business Process Application: In-depth Guide

    This free 52-page guide covers the entire application life cycle from an analysis of requirements to process modeling, how to design your web user interface and finally, acceptance testing and deployment.

  • 2014 Beginner's Guide to Process-Based Business Applications

    Currently trending: the move away from rigid platform-based workflows to flexible process-based applications. See how this contributes to the added value of the IT professional. Read on.

  • 7 Things You Must Know About Custom Software Dev, Saas & BPM

    This comprehensive, technical eBook covers what you need to know about customized software development, Saas and BPM, and outlines the seven key criteria for the most effective approach.

  • Mobile Design Patterns: Push, Don't Pull

    When it comes to design patterns, the battle between push and pull has been ongoing since the start. Both models have their place. But the authors of this IBM® Redbooks® Point-of-View article, including IBM WebSphere® VP Jerry Cuomo, argue that in many situations, pushing data to users as it changes can consume far fewer resources than a conventional pull pattern.

  • MQ Advanced for Developers: Free Download

    Developers are now able to download WebSphere MQ Advanced for development use at no charge! Get access to the following IBM capabilities: WebSphere MQ messaging, end-to-end encryption with Advanced Message Security, Managed File Transfer, Mobile and Telemetry Transport, and associated clients. Try now.

  • Mobile App Development: JavaScript Everywhere and “The Three Amigos”

    Download this White paper by Jerry Cuomo, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, IBM WebSphere, to understand more about how you can leverage JavaScript pervasiveness to simplify radically the life cycle of applications that are interactive, web facing and transactional.

  • The New Business of Technology: Extend, Tansact and Otimize

    The design principles of SOA make it possible for you to develop new engagements in a way that optimizes value for your organization. IBM provides a strong application foundation and business agility technologies that help you to become a truly engaging enterprise. Read on.

  • Connect Cloud and On-premise Applications Using WebSphere Cast Iron Integration

    This IBM Redguide™ publication provides information about WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration, highlights its business value, and explains why it provides a complete solution to cloud and on-premise application integration. This guide is intended for executives, leaders, and architects who are looking for a quick and easy way to integrate cloud applications with their on-premise applications.

  • Create Operational Flexibility with Cost-Effective Cloud Computing

    This white paper provides a view of cloud computing for the chemicals and petroleum industry and describes the technologies and functions that can help them improve efficiency, reduce costs and enable new capabilities. Learn more.

  • Deploy a Dynamic, Services Oriented Cloud for Your Business

    There is no “silver bullet” in the cloud. No single product or packaged bundle can deliver all the virtualization you need to make the cloud real or all the control you need to make it effective. Heterogeneous, evolving and typically complex, the cloud requires a measured approach to its implementation and an integrated approach to its many components. Learn more.

  • Consolidated Communications Holdings, Inc

    Read this white paper on Consolidated Communications that discusses the challenges they were facing and how IBM's Predictive Insights capability helped them find problems in their network infrastructure before they actually occurred. Read now!

  • The Forrester Wave™: Service Virtualization And Testing Solutions, Q1, 2014

    Service virtualization and testing (SVT) solutions provide developers and testers with tools to quickly simulate the services of a complex production environment, mainly for automating regression, integration, and performance tests. Read Forrester’s analysis of the leading providers in this space, and learn how this technology is improving continuous testing and helping companies achieve a significant return on their investment.

  • Smarter Quality Management: The Fast Track to Competitive Advantage

    This paper introduces quality management (QM), a practical, multi-disciplined approach to software delivery that helps reduce time to market without sacrificing quality in the outcome.

  • Ten Answers Regarding Mobile App Testing

    This white paper digs deep into the reasons testing mobile apps is fundamentally harder than traditional web or desktop applications. A collaboration by Tina Zhuo and Dennis Schultz from IBM along with Yoram Mizrachi from Perfecto Mobile and John Montgomery from uTest, these experts explore the complexities of mobile test environments, the value of the mobile device cloud, the unique role crowd sourcing can play, and how teams can leverage automation to help deliver quality apps.

  • An Insider’s Guide to Agile Testing and Service Virtualization

    Get the essentials about agile testing and service virtualization from several different perspectives – get an analyst’s take from Diego Lo Giudice of Forrester Research on how to remove agile testing bottlenecks and ways to calculate your potential return on investment for Service Virtualization.

  • Agile For Dummies Book

    Confused by all the agile advice? Relax! With the Agile for Dummies eBook by your side you'll learn the fundamentals of agile and how to increase the productivity of your software teams while enabling them to produce higher-quality solutions that better fulfill customer needs much faster.

  • Ten Steps to Better Requirements Management

    Requirements definition and management is recognized as a necessary step for the successful delivery of systems and software projects; the discipline is also required by standards, regulations and quality improvement initiatives like Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI).

  • Design Matters! Enabling Better Collaboration

    Today's complexity in software and systems design is only expected to rise, and more than half of CEOs doubt their ability to manage it. Whether IT or device-based, software-intensive systems continue to grow in size and complexity. Globally distributed and diverse teams, outsourcing and supply chain dependencies lead to increased challenges in the timely launch of competitive products and services. Read on

  • A Mobile Application Development Primer

    Industries of all varieties have begun to realize that the target audiences for their business applications have shifted in massive numbers from the use of traditional personal computers, such as desktops and laptops, to using mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets for accessing the internet and for obtaining the information they seek. Read more.

  • DevOps for Dummies

    Today’s fast-moving world makes DevOps essential for any business aspiring to be agile and lean in order to respond rapidly to changing customer and marketplace demands. This book helps you understand DevOps and how your organization can gain real business benefits from it.

  • Wintergreen Research, Inc White Paper: The Economics of Software Testing: Service Virtualization

    Read this paper to see how you can see a positive ROI through the ability to minimize cost and time to identify errors and diminish subsequent impacts of defects using test automation and service virtualization.

  • The Total Economic Impact™ of IBM Rational Service Virtualization and Test Automation Solutions

    Forrester Research has just completed a Total Economic Impact study for a large financial services institution to quantify the actual return on investment for service virtualization. Read Forrester’s analysis to learn how service virtualization is eliminating testing bottlenecks and significantly reducing the cost of testing.

  • Lessons From Testing Service-Oriented Architectures

    The testing of service-oriented architectures and other distributed systems, for more than a decade, has provided a wealth of expertise. Eight key lessons about avoiding some of the most common testing pitfalls are described, together with methods for mitigating certain issues.

  • Info-Tech Quality Management and Test Champion Report

    Info-Tech Research Group Vendor Landscape reports recognize outstanding vendors in the technology marketplace. This report notes that "IBM offers a comprehensive suite of products aimed at testing the most demanding and complex apps." For more, download the report today.

  • Service Virtualization for Dummies

    In this book, Service Virtualization For Dummies, IBM Limited Edition written by industry analysts Marcia Kaufman and Judith Hurwitz, learn how to deliver higher quality software by increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your testing processes while reducing testing downtime and testing cost. Read now!

  • A Rational Approach to Integration Testing

    Applications are evolving at an ever-faster pace. These applications are not discrete islands; they build on a complex, interconnected set of components that includes disparate technologies, developers, deployment topologies and organizations. Read on.

  • Rational Application Portfolio Management ROI Tool

    CIOs and IT Executives are being asked to "do more with less". With a complex and poorly understood application portfolio at hand a large percentage of IT funds are consumed, it leaves these CIOs and IT Executives challenged to find the funds needed for creating real value in form of innovation and enabling new business opportunities.

  • Forrester: Measuring the Total Economic Impact- IBM Rational Application Portfolio Management

    Learn how APM is part of a contemporary approach toB modernization and rationalization that moves organizations from tactical one-off decisions about modernizing an application or small groups of applications to making strategic decisions in the context of how well the portfolio suits current and future business plans.

  • Connecting PPM and Software Delivery

    In this white paper learn how managing the process of value creation and aligning it to marketplace needs and strategic objectives is key to building and maintaining a successful organization. Read on.

  • Achieving Agility Throughout the Application Lifecycle

    Read about the shift to DevOps, and why and how integrated cloud management as part of an overall DevOps strategy enables true application lifecycle agility. Read now!

  • Gigaom Research Sector RoadMap: Multicloud Management

    Learn about the principal disruption vectors at play with multi-cloud management, and the top companies that provide solutions for these issues. Read more.

  • 5 Ways to Get your Application Portfolio Under Control

    Get your application portfolio under control while, cutting costs and spending less time on maintaining outdated or redundant apps. Learn 5 strategies to manage the application portfolio. Read more!

  • Magic Quadrant for Integrated IT Portfolio Analysis Applications

    Check out this white paper to find out why Innotas was ranked as Visionary in Gartner's 2012 Magic Quadrant for Integrated IT Portfolio Analysis Applications and how the use of software that supports IIPA. Learn more.

  • Orange is the New Black

    There’s a reason those little boxes on your spreadsheets are called “cells.” In an age of over-crowded budgets and global competition, businesses need their IT organizations to do more than complete projects on time, on budget and with the required functionality. IT must become a true business partner. Read more.

  • Application Driven Analyst Report - IBM CICS Tools: Discovery and Optimization for the Next Generation by the Branham Group

    The continued increase in new workloads puts tremendous demand and strain on existing system and application programmer staff. Supporting this group with the right tools can help by allowing them to complete their tasks more quickly and efficiently, ultimately decreasing the need for additional, increasingly expensive and difficult to find resources. Leanr more.

  • Getting to Know dtSearch

    Enterprise search has reached a new level of sophistication with dtSearch. Find out more about the company’s revolutionary product capabilities in this Q&A.

  • VoIP for Beginners

    While VoIP services can be less expensive than standard telephone network services, call quality can be a factor in one’s decision to switch to VoIP. However, constant innovation and upgrades are making VoIP comparable in quality to the traditional phone system. In this white paper, VoIP for Beginners, you’ll be introduced to how VoIP works.

  • 4 Simple Steps to VoIP Vendor Selection

    Download this free white paper, 4 Simple Steps to VoIP Vendor Selection, to completely educate yourself about VoIP trends so that you can determine the perfect solution for your company. Learn more.

  • The Hidden Benefits of VoIP Revealed

    You don't have to throw out your old communications infrastructure tomorrow. You can take a tiered approach to moving your company forward with VoIP. Read this white paper, The Hidden Benefits of VoIP Revealed, so you won't miss out on how you can use VoIP to re-invent how you conduct business, while increasing your bottom line.

  • Five Must Have Features for Business VoIP

    In this free white paper, Five Must-Have Features for Business VoIP, you'll learn about five ways VoIP can deliver greater value to your business. Read on.

  • The Business Value of Improved Backup and Recovery

    The basic benefits of backup and recovery are obvious. But what are some of the less obvious bottom-line benefits, and how can businesses realize them? Find out more in this white paper.

  • IBM Integrated Solution for System z Development

    Find out in this technical white paper how IBM System z Development enables faster and higher-quality development of mainframe and cross-platform applications and how it can increase productivity and reduce costs.

  • Understanding WAS z/OS Thread Tuning Considerations

    Discover the relationship between HTTP clients and thread tuning on WAS z/OS in this technical white paper.

  • The Total Economic Impact of the IBM Rational Solution for Collaborative Lifecycle Management

    Discover in this Forrester report the level of ROI companies can achieve when they implement IBM Rational Solution for Collaborative Lifecycle Management.

  • Sicoob Avoids $1.5 Million in Annual Costs with IBM

    In this customer case study, discover how a Brazilian credit union cut costs with IBM PureData System for Analytics, along with other IBM technologies.

  • Algar Telecom Gives its Growing Business a Signal Boost

    Discover in this white paper how server consolidation with IBM helped a Brazilian telecom company cut costs and increase efficiency.

  • Transitioning to Cloud Business: Best Practices for ISVs

    Progress Software and Saugatuck Technology have come together to provide this Saugatuck Strategic Report which provides guidance to ISVs in transition not just to the Cloud. This report shares not only Saugatuck’s analysis of key market shifts, and the key challenges faced by ISVs in these transitions, but also provides ISVs with critical success factors and best practices from more than seven years of Saugatuck Technology research and business consulting with a diverse range of software providers around the world.

  • Coming to Terms with Platform as a Service

    This paper explores some of the practices most relevant to achieving success with PaaS, focusing on ways to identify how PaaS can be best utilized within the specifics of a given organization’s overall IT needs. Practices include understanding scalability and infrastructure aspects of PaaS deployment, the need for coding wisdom in otherwise “codeless” environments, integration with on-premise systems and other cloud-based IT assets, security and more.

  • The 10 Most Important Technology Trends in Business Application Architecture Today

    This report enumerates the Top 10 technology trends that are reshaping the nature and value proposition of business applications today and in the future. Read more now!

  • Increase Flexibility by Embracing Future Business and Technology Trends

    This report outlines Forrester's vision for the future of business applications. It summarizes the key business drivers and trends that are reshaping the value proposition of business applications. Read on.

  • Enabling a Changing ISV Business Model

    This paper examines the trends that are driving the cloud and other computing innovations. It explains how platform as a service (PaaS) provides a new development platform to deliver the applications businesses need. Read more.

  • Operational Decision Management for Dummies

    Don’t know much about Operational Decision Management? Don’t even know what it is, let alone why it matters? No worries. This “Dummies” book (yes, a whole book) explains it all.

  • Meeting the Mobile Challenge

    With Bring Your Own Device still growing at a very rapid rate, IT executives face a bigger challenge than ever before developing and delivering mobile applications. Here’s how IBM can help.

  • The Future of Data Services and Management Delivery Starts Here

    With innovation and growth comes a pressing need to manage an increasing data load. Data access is critical to a growing business, as is speed of database deployment. In this white paper, discover how IBM is addressing these technological challenges.

  • Your Data System Should Always Be On, Fast and Affordable

    Continuous availability is the rule now, not the exception. Businesses need a data system that can stand up to escalating demands. Find out in this technical white paper how IBM is addressing the need for this critical technology.

  • IBM PureData System for Transactions: Delivering “Competitive-Advantage-Critical” Data Services

    The transactional system is on its way back to being a critical component of competitive advantages for businesses. Find out why that trend is important and how IBM is responding to it in this white paper from independent firm Infostructure Associates.

  • IBM Gartner 2013 Magic Quadrant

    Gartner has just published the results of their Magic Quadrant (MQ) on the Application Security Testing (AST) market and IBM was rated as the leader. According to Gartner, to be positioned in the Leaders Quadrant for Application Security Testing (AST), vendors must demonstrate both "completeness of vision" and an "ability to execute." Learn more.

  • Integrating Security into Development, No Pain Required

    In this white paper, senior SANS Analyst Dave Shackleford duscusses new ways developers and security teams can work together to create more efficient quality control processes to improve application functionality and security while minimizing bugs. Learn more.

  • Ensuring Application Security in Mobile Device Environments

    In today’s business environments, mobile devices make up the fastest growing segment of computing devices—outpacing desktop and laptop computers. As more employees prefer to use mobile devices in the workplace, organizations are rapidly moving towards a bring-your-owndevice (BYOD) model—allowing employees to use their own mobile devices for business purposes. Learn more.

  • Five Steps to Achieve Success in Your Application Security Program

    This white paper provides a general framework your organization can use to create or build upon an application security program. It includes guidelines that can be useful at different stages of your security program’s maturity. Learn more.

  • Keeping the Mobile Enterprise Moving

    This white paper examines current trends in enterprise mobile app use. It explores why businesses are jumping into the mobile arms race and the risks of implementing poorly disciplined software development practices. Read on!

  • 5 Key Phases in Creating a Successful Mobile App

    There are 5 key phases of mobile app creation that can ensure your mobile development initiatives are met successfully. Each phase is critical to the app’s overall success and feeds into the next step of the process of product development for the app. Learn more!

  • Ushering in a New Era of APM for the Enterprise

    This white paper examines the current enterprise technology landscape; the challenges this is creating for enterprise APM; and how the new era of APM is helping companies reduce costs and grow their business, while building a better performing – and ultimately, more profitable – app. Read on.

  • IDC Analyst Connection: The Case for SaaS Application Performance Management

    As mission-critical enterprise application environments become more complex because of the increased use of cloud, big data, and mobility, APM is becoming a top priority for IT teams. Learn more!

  • Break Down Barriers and Reduce Cycle Times with DevOps

    This report explores ways in which Development and Operations teams need to evolve, view software holistically, have a shared toolset and actively seek ways to collaborate. It showcases both the technical and business benefits of a DevOps approach. Learn more!

  • 5 Unsung Tools of DevOps

    Most of us are always trying to optimize our work so we’re constantly looking for new and improved tools. Plus playing with new tools is fun. As a counterpoint, Jonathon Thurman shares his five favorite DevOps tools which have been around a long time.

  • Best Practices for SharePoint 2013 Migration

    SharePoint 2013 has the industry buzzing. It’s powerful and a vast improvement over previous versions. In this white paper, get best practice to ensure your migration to SharePoint 2013 is quick, easy and cost effective.

  • Integrate Rational ALM Applications with SAP Solution Manager

    IBM® Application Lifecycle Management, powered by Jazz, delivers the IBM vision for a collaborative Application Lifecycle Management process. The IBM Application Lifecycle Management platform can now also be integrated with SAP Solution Manager to enhance quality throughout enterprise applications lifecycle for SAP and heterogeneous projects. Read this Technical White Paper to understand how SAP Solution Manager is integrated with IBM ALM to integrate SAP with heterogeneous applications.

  • Mobile "Systems of Interactions" Driving Business Process Innovation

    Mobile users have come to expect more from business applications. “Systems of interaction,” anticipate the desires of the mobile user and take advantage of the rich context data that the new devices offer. Business processes much change to encompass engagement with the user and the context that existing systems enable.

  • Ten Steps to Better Requirements Management

    Requirements definition and management is recognized as a necessary step for the successful delivery of systems and software projects; the discipline is also required by standards, regulations and quality improvement initiatives like Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI).

  • Design Matters! Enabling Better Collaboration

    Collaborative design management helps you address complexity both at the team level and at the individual developer level. It enables in integration of Architecture, Design and Development disciplines with the rest of the lifecycle and supports the ALM imperatives. Read the white paper to learn the details.

  • A Mobile Application Development Primer

    As enterprises realize the need for mobile versions of their business applications, there is a need for an enterprise class approach to mobile app development. This paper discusses best practices for collaborative software lifecycle management for mobile business applications development. 

  • ROI Calculator: Collaborative Lifecycle Management Value Analyzer

    The IBM® Rational® Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) value analyzer is based on the benefits you will see by implementing the IBM Rational solution for CLM. CLM is a set of seamlessly integrated products that work together as one. Learn more.

  • Agile Maturity Report Benchmarks and Guidelines to Improve Your Effectiveness

    The study cautions against "Agile religion" and emphasizes using a pragmatic approach to adapt Agile techniques to fit the company's unique environment. "Smart people are committed, but too many are Agile purists," says Dave Prior. Experts suggest that the focus should be on applying Agile processes where it makes sense. Read the paper to find out more.

  • Continuous Delivery Is Reshaping The Future of ALM

    “Continuous Delivery Is Reshaping the Future of ALM,” by Kurt Bittner, Forrester Research, Inc., July 22, 2013 states that even if full continuous delivery is not the goal, proceeding toward it will help increase reliability, reduce risks, and decrease costs.

  • Forrester Consulting Study: The Total Economic Impact of The IBM Rational solution for Collaborative Lifecycle Management

    Determining the potential return on investment (ROI) for better software delivery capabilities can be challenging. This study can help. IBM commissioned Forrester Consulting to interview IBM clients and examine the potential ROI that may be realized by deploying IBM Rational capabilities.

  • Proactive Data Security, Audit and Compliance Solutions

    The IBM® data activity monitoring solution for IBM DB2® on z/OS® consists of the IBM InfoSphere® Guardium® Data Activity Monitor Solution (software or appliance based) and the use of the InfoSphere Guardium S-TAP for DB2 on z/OS, which acts as an event collection agent and runs as multiple started tasks on z/OS.

  • Evolving APM: Big Data Approach, Integrated End-user Experience Monitoring Bring Deep End-to-end Application Visibility

    In a highly complex IT environment with multi-tier application architectures delivering apps and services, detecting and diagnosing code level performance problems can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. While it may be plain to the end user that there is a problem, understanding where that problem originates and exactly what is causing it is difficult, and time consuming. Read on and learn more.

  • Businesses Are Ready For a New Approach to IT

    Today’s businesses need simpler more efficient and flexible computing models. The IBM PureSystems family is comprised of platform systems and infrastructure systems that include built-in “patterns of expertise” to address complex business and operational tasks for smarter computing. Read more!

  • IBM SmartCloud Monitoring

    As more and more environments are moving toward virtualization, one common challenge has emerged—how to achieve the necessary visibility and control of a virtual infrastructure when managing a private cloud. Read on.

  • IBM Solution Brief Manage Smarter Infrastructures with IBM SmartCloud Control Desk

    The SmartCloud Control Desk unified approach speeds time-to-value while minimizing complexity and total cost of ownership. The solution provides a complete “control center” for managing services and assets in a seamless way, with auto-mation that allows processes to work.

  • Unlock the Value of Virtualization with the IBM SmartCloud Foundation

    Learn from this whitepaper how SmartCloud Foundation solutions enable an IT delivery model that helps organizations shift from the limited focus on virtualization’s technology efficiency to providing the flexibility to support end user productivity.

  • SmartCloud Control Desk: IBM Consolidates and Advances Its IT Service Management Offerings

    Solution Brief discusses how SmartCloud Control Desk helps efficiently bridge siloed, multiple systems for IT and line of business processes to manage assets that have both IT and non-IT characteristics. Learn more!

  • IBM Five Routes to Optimized Virtualization For Better Business Value

    This white paper examines five entry points to optimization—image management, patch and compliance, backup and restore, cost management, and monitoring and capacity planning—that can put organizations on the path to gaining more from their virtualization investments. Read on!

  • IDC Technology Spotlight: Orchestration Simplifies and Streamlines Virtual and Cloud Data Center Management

    This Technology Spotlight examines how advanced automation and orchestration solutions are helping IT data center operations teams effectively manage increasingly complex enterprise computing environments. It also looks at IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator as an example of a solution that is addressing these emerging IT management priorities.

  • Private Cloud for Dummies

    Whether public, private, or hybrid, cloud computing is becoming an increasingly integral part of many companies’ business and technology strategy. In an attempt to keep up with business innovation and change, companies are turning to flexible, elastic, and self-service computing resources that they can easily manage and scale in the cloud. Learn more!

  • Proactively Manage Business Applications and the User Experience

    The comprehensive, integrated IBM portfolio of application performance management solutions enables IT to move beyond basic resource monitoring to optimize infrastructure performance and availability through the use of best practices for identifying and resolving infrastructure problems. Read more!

  • Protect Your IT System with Next Generation Security

    A data breach, probings, hackers; protect your most critical IT information. Perpetrators can attack companies through their IT systems. Read how to help secure your systems against emerging threats.