Adding Security to your SDLC – it doesn’t have to be painful!

Join us as we explore why the application layer has become the favorite playground of hackers, outline the overall SSDLC approach and introduce a new capability that enables developers to build strong and flexible application security. Learn more.

Date: 05/15/2014

Time: 11:00 am

Seven Diagrams Every Software Developer Should Understand

Join us at the award-winning author Steve McConnell presents a complete model of software engineering in seven essential diagrams. Learn more.

Date: 05/06/2014

Time: 9:00 am PT

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The Agile Architect: Agile Development Three Pillars of Success

This webcast examines the critical role of the software architect in an agile team and three key pillars relied upon to make agile work; namely a resilient architecture, collaborative tooling and automated processes. The relative importance of each pillar to the architect is explored in the context of the capabilities needed to make the architect an effective member of the development team.

IT Operations Analytics: The Magic Inside

Watch Glenn O' Donnell from Forrester talking to IBM General Manager Deepak Advani about the new era of Analytics emerging in the IT space to help IT Predict outages before they occur, find resolution to problems faster and optimize for performance.

Duration: 1 Hour

Continuous Testing Applications Deployed on IBM WebSphere Software

This short video demonstrates how teams can use IBM's test automation and service virtualization capabilities to test applications deployed on IBM WebSphere software earlier and continuously which in turn decreases the cost of testing, identifies defects earlier - when they are cheaper to fix, and reduces project risk.

Reduce the Cost & Complexity of Backup & Recovery

Dominate trends in IT today such as Cloud, Mobile and Smarter Physical Infrastructures are generating massive amount of cororate data. The Join this session to understand how you can reduce the cost and complexity of backup and recovery while ensuring comprehensive data protection across virtual environments, core application and remote sites.

Duration: 1 Hour

Dell Software

What If IT Operations and Development Teams Worked Together in the Cloud?

Join Dell and Gigaom Research for an analyst roundtable webinar focusing on bringing together IT and developers to better realize the full potential of cloud computing.

Duration: 1 Hour

Dell Software

Control Your Clouds with Dell Cloud Manager

Learn how Dell Cloud Manager enables IT to take control of cloud operations, maintain governance policies and increase business agility.

Duration: 1 Hour

Web Dev Live! Sneak Peek

This webcast will explore Web Dev Live!, a new, content-rich event, focused on all things ASP.NET, HTML5 and JavaScript. Expect a lively, interactive and in-depth webcast on what you can expect from this dynamic new event! Learn more.

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How to Handle Relational Data in a Distributed Cache

Join us at this webcast to learn how to handle different types of relational data in a distributed cache. Among other things, this webcast discusses relational data versus distributed cache storage model, why obect relational mapping is good and how distributed cache manages relationships. Learn more.

Duration: 1 hour

IBM Batch Processing Demo

Traditional batch processing won’t cut it anymore for online businesses. Find out in this short video what IBM can do to integrate batch and online processing.

Duration: 30 Min

IBM z/OS Tools: CICS Tools and Problem Determination Tools

These IBM tools help mobile developers ease the strain on mainframes and stay ahead of the pace of mobile innovation. Watch this brief overview video to learn more.

Duration: 15in

A Brazilian Company Adopts IBM’s System z to Handle Rapid Business Growth

In this brief video, discover how a Brazilian credit union cut costs with IBM PureData System for Analytics, along with other IBM technologies.

Duration: 30 Min

ABK Systeme GmbH Surpassed Testing Goals by 400 percent with the IBM zBC12

Discover in this video how a German payment platform provider achieved higher performance and reduced costs.

Duration: 15 Min

Whitecube + IBM zEnterprise: The New Client Experience

Discover in this brief video how an international art gallery boosted availability and analytics with IBM zEnterprise.

Duration: 15 Min

From Mac Pro to Mainframe: University of Arizona Adopts Enterprise Linux Server

Learn in this video how IBM DB2 database software empowers the College of Pharmacy at the University of Arizona to better regulate patient care using Big Data and real-time analytics.

Duration: 15 Min

Breakthroughs in Semantic Analysis of C#

Join Eric Lippert, C# Expert and Senior Architect at Coverity, and Keri Sprinkle, Senior Manager of Product Marketing at Coverity, as they look at how developers can avoid crash causing issues in their C# code. Read on.

Duration: 1 Hour

How to Stay Ahead of Trends in Application Development

Join John Rymer, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester Research, Inc. and Blake Connell, director of product marketing at Progress as they look at how PaaS solutions can support application development. Read on.

NA Webcast: Measuring Software Quality: Why Your Metrics Don't Make the Grade

Join us and find out how to update and enhance your quality measures and metrics so that defects can be predicted before they occur, identified and measured when they do occur, and ultimately eliminated to push your customer satisfaction to the highest possible levels.

Duration: 1 Hour

Practicing ALM in a Mixed Lifecycle Tool Environment

To release more often, software delivery teams often face disconnected, manual processes and poor collaboration. IBM and Tasktop speakers share best practices for unifying across various teams, lifecycle tools and platforms for continuous delivery. Learn more and watch now!

Duration: 1 Hour

Do You Want to Accelerate the Speed of SAP Deployments?

Tune in to this webcast to learn how to speed up SAP deployments and cut down the costs of implementing change in SAP.

Duration: 1 Hour

How Business Analysis is Essential for Agile Success

A new, exciting reality exists in which software is the driver of innovation and you as developers are critical to your organization and to the way in which business value is delivered. To thrive, you will need to embrace three key themes; integrate, collaborate, and optimize; or be left behind.

Duration: 1 Hour

ALM Support Group “The First Step is Admitting You Have a Problem” Curing your Time to Market Blues for Software Delivery

Feel like your software delivery team gets productivity paralysis? Join our support group and hear Bernie Coyne, a certified “ALMopath” (and IBM ALM Technical Marketing Manager), share how to recognize the signs and symptoms that your team may be suffering from a treatable “disorder.” Learn about the “treatments” available through effective application lifecycle management (ALM).

Duration: 1 Hour

End to End Testing for SAP Applications Powered by IBM

Join this webcast to know how testing for SAP powered by IBM confers not just automated functional testing and performance testing but goes beyond to help you reduce testing efforts by 40% to 50% by enabling impact analysis and test scope optimization. Virtualization capability help bring integration testing earlier into the lifecycle allowing you to know whether the integration of SAP and non SAP system works before actually deploying it. Join this webcast to know the next generation testing for SAP powered by IBM.

Duration: 1 Hour

Let’s Talk About the Real ROI for ALM

What return on investment (ROI) can you really expect when you improve your software delivery capabilities? Would you believe 55% less time for build and deploy? Or reducing deployment time from four hours to 10 minutes and quality issues by 77%? How about a 552% ROI after three years? What about a faster BUT happier team? In this podcast, Jennifer Moore, IBM Marketing Manager for Application Lifecycle Management, shares real results from real IBM clients. Speakers, Jennifer Moore and Kimberly Gist.

Duration: 1 Hour

IBM Tivoli Netcool for LTE Demo Launchpad

The move to 4G LTE networks promises much to the world of mobile computing: speeds ten-fold faster than 3G to enable HD video quality, faster online gaming, mobile video chat, and more … but from the communication provider’s perspective, LTE’s advances also come with higher levels of uncertainty. The videos in this interactive menu show how IBM’s Integrated Service Management for LTE delivers an integrated offering that provides visibility, control and automation over LTE networks and services

Duration: 1 Hour

IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator Overview

See how IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator helps you create automate and deliver cloud services in a production context: increasing business agility by leveraging pre-built content to quickly automate and integrate with various IT domains, making it easy to design, customize and deliver cloud services using drag and drop tooling, providing flexibile and efficient way to compose application blueprints and standardize your cloud workloads.

Duration: 1 Hour

Visibility, Control and Automation to Intelligently Manage Critical Applications in Cloud and Hybrid Environments

Learn more about IBM SmartCloud Application Performance Management, a comprehensive, single solution that intelligently manages performance, availability, and capacity for complex application infrastructures in cloud and hybrid environments.

Duration: 1 Hour

SmartCloud Control Desk Launchpad Demo

SmartCloud Control Desk represents a revolutionary step in service and asset management and brings together IBM's unique capabilities to manage both IT assets and non-IT assets, such as smart meters, next generation medical devices, and RFID-tracked inventory. Learn more!

Duration: 1 Hour

IBM Virtualization Optimization Overview

Learn more about optimizing virtualized infrastructures and accelerating cloud adoption to maximize business outcomes using IBM SmartCloud. View now!

Duration: 1 Hour

10 Tips for Creating Jaw-Dropping Data Visualizations

Join Daniel Melcher of Actuate Corporation for this web seminar to learn ten tips to create spectacular data visualizations using BIRT that will provide actionable insights and delight your users. Learn more.