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Application Development News & Articles

Adobe Says Flex-Based Component Tools Coming, IBM's ILOG Upgrades Elixir Suite

Look for a third-party market of component tools that allow developers to build business applications based on Adobe's Flex rich client programming platform to emerge this year.

VSLive!: Four Rich Client Platforms

VSLive! San Francisco showcased applications developed with Redmond's four rich client technologies: Windows Presentation Foundation, Silverlight, Windows 7 Touch and Surface.

VSLive!: Expert Describes Windows Workflow 4.0 as a Vast Improvement Over Prior Versions

When Microsoft releases the 4.0 version of Windows Workflow Foundation (WF), it will be providing the first truly usable version of the technology since it debuted more than two years ago

Microsoft Pitches Surface to Developers at VSLive!

Microsoft officials this week tried to convince developers to build applications for its Surface -- the company's multi-user, multi-touch technology that turns a specially designed table top into an interactive multi-touch interface.

Google To Impose Fees for App Engine

Google revealed a new fee structure for its cloud-based hosting service for developers of Python-based applications.

Safari 4 Intros Nitro JavaScript Engine, Adds Dev Tools

Apple is touting improved JavaScript performance and built-in developer tools in browser beta.

Visual Studio 2010's New Look Unveiled at VSLive!

In the keynote on Tuesday, Microsoft's Jason Zander showcased advances in the new VS 2010 user interface for the first time to VSLive! attendees.

Solution Provider Talks Up ALM Features Coming In VS 2010

MDC session laid out the key advances from an ALM perspective

Universities Pilot 'Tools as a Service' Cloud Computing Initiative

Software developers can access dev tools anywhere using the cloud-based service.

Amid Uncertainty, Borland Adds 'Release Readiness' to ALM Suite

Borland Software today released a new module to its ALM portfolio focused on improving the quality of apps delivered by development teams.

Adobe Advances Mobile Efforts

Adobe this week advanced its effort to provide a common runtime across desktop, Web and mobile environments.

Letter to Obama: Consider Open Source

An industry coalition urged President Obama to make open source software a government consideration.

DynaTrace Targets Developers, Testers With Continuous App Management

DynaTrace Software this week upgraded its platform to allow developers to monitor, test and troubleshoot globally distributed SOA-based applications.

IT Hiring and Salaries Down, but Not Out

A report predicts that despite layoffs, IT salaries may weather 2009's general economic downturn.

First Look: FreeBSD 7

The UNIX-like server solution adds some extra security features beyond what you'd find with typical Linux OSes.

Xenocode Upgrades Application Virtualization Tool

Xenocode today released the latest version of its Virtual Application Studio, a developer-focused authoring environment for virtualizing existing Windows-based applications.

DOD Lauches Open Source Development Site

Defense Department officials have launched a new Web site where developers can work on open source software projects specifically for DOD.

Feds Slog Through Windows 7 Documentation

Microsoft's newest OS has added to the U.S. Department of Justice's compliance testing burden.

Sun Outlines Java Mobile Strategy

Sun's recent Java Mobile, Media and Embedded Developer Days conference offered a 10,000-foot view of the company's vision.

Winding Road Leads Skyway to Open Source Code-Generation Framework

Skyway's Skyway Builder 6.1 is all about delivering Java EE apps for Spring, but the company started out going in a different direction.