In-Memory Computing for Financial Services eBook - Part 3

The recently published final eBook in the series, examines how in-memory computing is revolutionizing asset and wealth management, helping spread betting platforms thrive, and enabling fintech providers to offer a wider range of real-time services.

Today’s younger, tech-savvy investors, however, have demanding expectations. They want more personalized investment advice, including comparative recommendations and performance reports. They expect 24/7 access to investing via their mobile devices and they’re looking for a wider range of investment vehicles.

For asset and wealth management, in-memory computing delivers the performance, scale, and interoperability to rapidly roll out new investment products and meet the expectations of today’s investors.

Spread betting is highly volatile and minimally regulated, which results in significant risks. To limit these risks, spread betting platform providers must use advanced mathematical models to analyze vast amounts of data from subscription services and current news, predict outcomes of events, and help devise optimal strategies, including hedging bets.

All these strategies require real-time and near real-time data analysis if they are to account for rapidly changing – sometimes by-the-second – conditions.

For spread betting, the ability of in-memory computing platforms to keep all data in RAM for extremely fast access with no disk-related slowdowns provides the performance boost needed. 

Banks use fintech companies to meet consumer demands for 24/7 availability, digital banking, payment through social media connections, biometrics, contactless spending, and more.

For fintech, in-memory computing delivers the performance boost, scalability, and flexibility to enable firms to innovate in a complex, rapidly growing market

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