VSM 2008 Buyers Guide

Visual Studio Magazine 2008 Readers Choice Awards and Buyers Guide

Welcome to Visual Studio Magazine's Buyers Guide, your annual special issue that lists the astounding number of third-party products available to developers who use Visual Studio. In this issue, you'll find a comprehensive summary of the third-party products available for Visual Studio development. This year's list includes more than 400 products from nearly 250 vendors, broken down into 22 categories.

VSM believes firmly that third-party components and services are a terrific development aid. We believe their existence can save a company that uses them enormous amounts of time, money, and effort, enabling it to achieve many in-house solutions that simply wouldn't be possible otherwise. It isn't just that these tools can simplify development and give you more powerful options in your apps-they also push what is state-of-the-art for Visual Studio development.

The Buyers Guide is also the issue where we give you, the readers, a chance to tell companies how you like what they are doing. This issue also announces the winners of our annual Readers Choice Awards, which readers vote on in a carefully controlled survey. This year's categories span the range of tasks developers must grapple with, from the usual UI and charting and graphing components, to more service-based tasks such as finding a host for your ASP.NET applications.

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