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  • Mobile Dev Firm RoboVM Gives Up on Open Source

    RoboVM "closed sourced" the code used in its mobile app development tooling, citing no significant contributions to the project and thus no benefits derived -- and in fact accusing competitors of using the open source code against the company in commercial products.

  • Azul Launches Early Access of Zulu on Java 9

    Java runtime maker Azul Systems is providing developers with early access to Zulu 9, the latest version of its build of the OpenJDK, which will support the upcoming Java 9 SE platform.

  • JavaOne Kickoff: Java 9 Spotlight and a Birthday Visit

    The annual JavaOne conference got underway on Sunday with a two-hour keynote opener that covered upcoming changes in the Java language and platform and celebrated Java's 20th anniversary with history-of-the-platform video clips, a cake and a video message from Sun Microsystems co-founder Scott McNealy.

  • Oracle's Quarterly Security Patch Includes 25 Java SE Fixes

    Oracle recently issued the last of its Critical Patch Updates for the year, featuring fixes for 154 new security vulnerabilities in virtually all Oracle products, including 25 new security fixes for Java SE.

  • With Buyout, Xamarin Adds Java to its Cross-Platform Mobile Dev Portfolio

    Xamarin now claims to be the only cross-platform mobile development vendor that allows for native iOS and Android app creation in both C# and Java, having acquired technology for the latter language with an acquisition of Swedish company RoboVM.

  • Atlassian Splits the JIRA Platform into Three Tailored Products

    Atlassian has split its flagship JIRA issue tracker and project manager into three standalone products running on a common platform.

  • Codeless Test Creation for Java Thick Client Apps

    Appvance has introduced a feature set to its namesake unified testing and test-automation platform that supports codeless test creation for Java thick client applications.

  • Zing JVM Now Available as RHEL AMIs on AWS

    Java runtime solutions provider Azul Systems has made its flagship Zing JVM available as Amazon Machine Images running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux on Amazon Web Services.

  • Google Doubles Allowable Size of Android Apps

    Google announced it was doubling the Android app file size limit from 50MB to 100MB, while warning developers to not use the additional leeway just because it's available, as it could degrade the UX.

  • Java 9 & Jigsaw: Reinhold on 'the State of the Modular System'

    The first early access builds of JDK 9 with Project Jigsaw, the initiative that's bringing modularity to the Java platform, are now available for download.

  • Java OSGi Framework for M2M/IoT Released

    Eurotech, an Italy-based provider of embedded computing platforms, has released a new version of its ESF 3.1 development framework, "an inclusive and targeted Java OSGi framework for machine-to-machine multiservice gateways, smart devices and Internet of Things solutions applications."

  • JVM Language Kotlin M13 Released

    Software development toolmaker JetBrains has announced a new milestone release of Kotlin, its open source, JVM-targeted programming language.

  • AOT Compiler for Java RoboVM Gets an Upgrade

    The latest edition of the RoboVM ahead-of-time (AOT) compiler and runtime library for Java is now available, coinciding with the release of Apple's iOS 9 mobile OS and Xcode 7 IDE.

  • Is Oracle Dumping Its Java Evangelists?

    Rumors are flying about the fate of some of Oracle's top Java evangelists, thanks to a tweet and a Reddit thread picked up by the press last week that came on the heels of last month's departure of Cameron Purdy, who served as senior vice president of Oracle's Cloud Application Foundation and Java EE group.

  • JFrog Releases 'Universal' Artifact Repository

    JFrog today announced the release of Artifactory 4, its cloud-based binary repository manager, which the company is billing as the first "universal" artifact repository, and the biggest product announcement in the company's history.

  • New Java API for App Delivery Controller

    KEMP Technologies has expanded the automated application deployment capabilities of its LoadMaster product with a new Java API.

  • Today's Devs: Polyglot, More Women, Plagued by Faulty Requirements

    The non-profit Application Developers Alliance published a new study of the modern development scene, pointing to polyglot programmers using multiple languages, more women joining the ranks and failed software projects caused by faulty requirements.

  • NetBeans 8.1. Beta Released

    The beta version of NetBeans 8.1 is now available, supporting developers working with Java SE 8, Java SE Embedded 8 and Java ME Embedded 8, with a number of new tools and enhancements.

  • Java Interop Tool Now Supports Windows 10, Adds 'Proxy By Name'

    The Java and Microsoft .NET Framework interoperability mavens at JNBridge have upgraded their flagship JNBridgePro tool to support both Windows 10 and Visual Studio 2015.

  • Spring Framework 4.2 Goes GA

    Pivotal Software announced the general availability of version 4.2 of the Spring Framework. The latest feature release of the 4.x line of the open source application framework for enterprise Java is compatible with Java 6, 7 and 8.

  • New Android APIs Track Human Faces, Connect Nearby Devices

    Google announced new APIs as part of a Google Play services upgrade that identify and track human faces in photos or video and connect to nearby mobile devices, along with enhancements for Google Cloud Messaging.

  • Google Big Data Beta Services Now Generally Available

    Two major Big Data components of the Google Cloud Platform have graduated from beta to general availability, the company said.

  • Android Devs Can Show Off Work -- or Borrow Ideas -- at Experiments Site

    Google unveiled Android Experiments, a site where mobile developers can show off their innovative apps and glean ideas from open source code.

  • Oracle Wants to Include New Android Developments in its Java Lawsuit

    Oracle Corp. wants to expand the scope of its complaint against Google in the long-running Oracle America v. Google Inc., Java copyright infringement lawsuit to include developments in the Android OS since the suit was filed in 2010.


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