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  • Kotlin Language JVM and Android Goes GA

    Software development toolmaker JetBrains has announced the general availability of Kotlin 1.0, its open source programming language for both JVM and Android, after more than five years in development and two years of production use.

  • IDE Updates: Xcode Gets Playgrounds, Android Studio Improves Faster Emulator

    Apple and Google are out with new beta updates to their mobile dev IDEs, with interactive playgrounds for iOS development in Xcode and improvements to the new, faster emulator for Android Studio.

  • Adwind RAT Is Back, Used To Attack 400K Systems

    An infamous Remote Access Trojan, a piece of Java-based malware that gives attackers a backdoor into Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Android devices, has re-emerged -- after apparently being shut down last year -- now as a commercial "malware-as-a-service" platform.

  • Oracle Issues Out-of-Cycle Security Patch for Java on Windows

    Oracle has issued an out-of-cycle security patch to fix a vulnerability that can be exploited when installing Java on Windows. The vulnerability, which earned a CVSS Base Score score of 7.6, affects Java SE 6, 7 and 8.

  • Oracle To Deprecate the Java Plug-in in Java 9

    News that Oracle plans to deprecate the Java browser plug-in in JDK 9 came as no surprise, as a growing number of browser vendors have either stopped supporting the plug-in or announced plans to do so. (Flash and Silverlight, too.)

  • 8 Critical Java Security Holes Fixed by Quarterly Patch

    Oracle's latest Critical Patch Update includes fixes for eight Java security holes, three of which were rated critical, earning Common Vulnerability Scoring Standard scores of 10.0.

  • Declining Interest in Java EE Doesn't Mean Java Is in Decline

    "If you're just watching the sexy stuff -- the cloud, IoT, microarchitectures, containers -- you could miss that Java and .NET are the only enterprise platforms with real breadth and depth today," says Gartner analyst Mark Driver.

  • JBoss EAP 7 Beta Now Available

    Red Hat announced the availability of the first beta build of the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (JBoss EAP), addressing new enterprise interest in containers and microservices.

  • Oracle Settles with FTC over Deceptive Java Security

    Oracle has agreed to overhaul its Java security update process to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that the company deceived consumers by not informing them that the updates left older, still vulnerable versions of Java running on their computers.

  • Google Is Smart to Leverage OpenJDK

    The impact of Google's decision to use Oracle's OpenJDK in upcoming versions of its Android OS remains to be seen, but reaction to the news in the tech community has been cautiously optimistic.

  • TIOBE Names Java 'Programming Language of 2015'

    Capping off a notable 2015 in which it turned 20 years old, the language enjoyed the largest increase in popularity of the 50-plus languages tracked in the TIOBE Index, supplanting last year's winner, JavaScript.

  • Codename One Launches Open Source iOS Java VM

    Codename One wants the open source community to take its relatively new iOS Java VM and run with it.

  • IBM Offers Tech Preview of OMR Integrated with Ruby VM

    IBM has announced a technology preview of its soon-to-be open sourced OMR toolkit to demonstrate how this internal adaptation of its own J9 Virtual Machine (VM) could be used with the Ruby virtual machine (VM).

  • Speedier Android Emulator Preview Now Available (Hallelujah!)

    There's just no way to quantify or qualify the immense frustration suffered by thousands of Android developers who have been forced to use the slowest software ever conceived: the emulator running on Windows.

  • RethinkDB Releases Java Client Driver

    Makers of the RethinkDB distributed JSON database today released a new Java client driver, the company announced.

  • Another Java 9 Delay Proposed

    The Chief Architect of Oracle's Java Platform Group, Mark Reihold, is asking for a six-month extension of the Java 9 release schedule. The reason: Jigsaw, of course.

  • Zulu Embedded Comes to Windows IoT

    Java runtime maker Azul Systems is partnering with Microsoft to provide a version of its open source Zulu JDK for Java developers who are creating Internet of Things applications on Windows 10.

  • NetBeans 8.1. IDE Released

    NetBeans 8.1 is now generally available, supporting developers working with Java SE 8, Java SE Embedded 8, and Java ME Embedded 8, and adding a number of new tools and enhancements.

  • Eclipse Group Launches Second IoT Challenge

    The Eclipse Foundation's Internet of Things Working Group has announced the second edition of its Open IoT Challenge, which pits individuals and teams of developers against each other to see who can create the most innovative IoT solutions using open standards and open source technologies.

  • Even Microsoft Can't Make a Decent Android Emulator

    There are problems with Project Astoria, which lets developers build apps for Windows phones by reusing their Android code. If Microsoft had simply asked me first, I could've told them: Android emulation on Windows just doesn't work very well.

  • Spring Social Vulnerability Fixed by a Newcomer

    Having just emerged from stealth mode, SourceClear helps Pivotal fix Spring Social core library vulnerability that let attackers bypass authentication controls to hijack user accounts.

  • Well Known Vulnerability Still Putting Java Apps and Servers at Risk

    It was first reported by security researchers nine months ago, but a vulnerability in the popular Apache Commons library continues to put thousands of Java applications and servers at risk of a remote code execution attack.

  • Cloud Foundry Adds Support for Spring Cloud Services, Azure, .NET and Docker

    Pivotal has released a new version of its Cloud Foundry platform with expanded support for Spring Cloud Services, .NET applications, Docker images, Microsoft Azure and several ALM toolchain products.

  • JFrog's Mission Control for Binary Repositories

    JFrog launched a new product, JFrog Mission Control, to make it easier for users of its Artifactory binary repository manager to monitor and manage the thousands of binaries that often comprise a software release and what the company sees as an "explosion in binary artifact types."

  • JetBrains Switches to Subscription Model

    JetBrains, maker of the venerable code-centric Java IDE, IntelliJ IDEA, is bundling all its desktop developer tools into the JetBrains Toolbox, and selling those products via a subscription model.


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