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  • Oracle Says It's 'Committed' to Java EE 8

    Oracle has finally responded to my -- and I'm sure many others' -- requests for comment on the future of Java EE, on which the formation of the Java EE Guardians threw a spotlight a few months ago.

  • LinkedIn Open Sources Tech for Mobile, Big Data and Java

    With open source sensibilities aligned with its new owner, Microsoft, the business-oriented social media site this week contributed technology for building iOS view layouts, analyzing Big Data and detecting URLs with a Java library.

  • In Turbulent Times, Google Offers Free Android Courses

    Amid turbulent times for the Android ecosystem, Google is enticing new developers into its mobile OS fold through free beginner training courses presented via Udacity.

  • 11th Annual Eclipse Release Train Launches

    "Neon" includes a broad range of open source projects, from an improved Eclipse JDT to new Docker Tooling to the first prime release of the Eclipse Plug-ins for Gradle (and much more).

  • Java EE Guardians Launch Web Site, Petition Oracle

    The Java EE Guardians launched their public Web site last week and simultaneously posted a petition on the Web site aimed at Oracle executives.

  • Datamill Offers Spring Alternative

    Datamill, an open-source Java framework for Web applications that uses functional reactive programming, has emerged as an alternative to the Spring Framework.

  • Google Finalizes Android N APIs in New Developer Preview

    Google has just finalized the APIs for Android N -- the working name for the next release of its mobile app OS -- in its 4th Developer Preview.

  • The 'Sunsetting' of Kenai and

    Oracle's decision to shut down the and collaborative Web sites by next April has the Java community -- especially the Java EE community -- buzzing.

  • Java Still Top Language in an Increasingly Polyglot World

    The language popularity monitors at TIOBE Software say their June Programming Community Index is something of a milestone: for the first time in the history of the Index, a language needed a rating of more than 1.0 percent to be part of the top 20. What this means, TIOBE says, is that the number of real market leaders is declining.

  • Reza Rahman: Oracle and Google Should Be Working Together

    The recent court decision that Google's use of 37 Java APIs in the development of its Android OS was a "fair use" of that technology and did not infringe on Oracle-owned copyrights came as a relief to the developer community, but former Oracle Java EE community evangelist Reza Rahman says both sides are wrong because neither is serving the developer community.

  • Jury Sides with Google in $9 Billion Oracle Lawsuit: APIs Are 'Fair Use'

    A jury serving in the Federal District Court in San Francisco concluded on Thursday that Google's use of 37 Java APIs in the development of its Android operating system was a "fair use" of that technology.

  • A Kotlin-Based Build Language for Gradle

    Gradle Inc., chief commercial supporter of the open source Gradle build automation system, is working with software development toolmaker JetBrains to provide a Kotlin-based build programming language for Gradle, the two companies announced.

  • JFrog Xray's 'Radical Transparency'

    JFrog CEO Shlomi Ben Haim describes his company's fourth major product release as a one-of-a-kind tool that will give organizations an unparalleled level of understanding about all their container images, software packages and binary artifacts.

  • I/O 2016: Android 2.2 Gets New Test Recorder, Layout Designer and More

    Much of the press around this year's Google I/O event focused on the company's day-one consumer app-economy announcements, but there was plenty of news for enterprise developers in the opening keynote.

  • New JNBridge Lab: Using Play To Create Java Web Apps on .NET

    Java/.NET interoperability solutions provider JNBridge published a new entry in its growing database of free developer tutorial kits called Labs, which "showcase the myriad possibilities available to developers when bridging Java and .NET frameworks."

  • Oracle and Google Back in Court Over Java APIs

    The long-running court battle between Oracle and Google continued this week in San Francisco as the two companies faced off again in federal court before a new jury and a familiar judge.

  • Guardians' Charter Draft: Oracle Is 'Conspicuously Neglecting' Java EE 8

    The Java EE Guardians this week unveiled a public draft of their charter, which lays out evidence that Oracle is "conspicuously neglecting Java EE."

  • Jenkins 2.0 Goes Live

    It's official: Jenkins 2.0 has arrived. Available today, this is the first major release of the open source continuous integration server in 10 years, and the excitement surrounding it is palpable.

  • Neo4j 3.0 Released

    Neo Technology, the creator and chief commercial supporter of the Neo4j open source NoSQL graph database implemented in Java, today announced the availability of Neo4j 3.0.

  • Swallowed Twice, Mobile App Firm RoboVM Calls It Quits

    Bought by Xamarin, which was then bought by Microsoft, RoboVM called it quits today. The company let developers build native iOS and Android mobile apps with Java.

  • Security Patch in IBM's Java Is Broken, Researchers Charge

    A three-year-old security vulnerability in IBM's implementation of Java, which was thought to be fixed, is actually broken, researchers at Security Explorations disclosed last week.

  • FTC Approves Oracle Settlement over Deceptive Java Security

    The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has given final approval to the settlement of its complaint against Oracle Corp., which alleged the company deceived consumers by not informing them that its security updates left older, still-vulnerable versions of Java running on their computers, following a required 30-day public comment period.

  • Instant Run, Faster Emulator Lead New Android Studio 2.0 Final Release

    Google's go-to IDE for developing Android mobile apps has officially hit version 2.0, with Instant Run functionality and a faster device emulator leading a host of new features.

  • Hazelcast Adds Support for Azul's Zing JVM

    Java runtime maker Azul Systems is partnering with in-memory data grid specialist Hazelcast to provide support for Azul's Zing Java Virtual Machine, which is now certified on Hazelcast Enterprise 3.6.

  • Previously Patched Java SE Flaw Still Exploitable, Security Researchers Say

    A Java SE flaw Oracle reported as patched in 2013 can be easily bypassed today, security researchers have found.

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