Ready, set, blog
Mike Gunderloy, software consultant and author has transformed his popular Developer Central e-newsletter into the first ADTmag.com blog. It has quickly become one of our most popular features. So here's your chance to join the blogging and add your point of view to Gunderloy's news and product reviews. To blog on, click here.

Lunch Break Series
Grab a sandwich and digest some food for thought in the latest in ADT's Lunch Break Series. Listen to Java experts Stephen O'Grady and Ted Neward lead you through 'A Guide to Enterprise-Scale Java Applications.'

What's on your mind?
Do you have something to say about an article in the Web edition of Application Development Trends magazine? Got an insight to share or a point of view to express? You can now write a letter to the editor online. Your letter may be published on the ADTmag.com Website and might be selected for publication in the print edition.
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