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Ilog CPLEX 9.0
Ilog has released the latest version of its CPLEX optimization product, which includes support for .NET. Version 9.0, features Ilog Concert Technology as the language interface, providing users with the choice of writing applications in Java, C++ and now .NET-supported languages.

The latest version of Ilog CPLEX enables users to build and deploy optimization applications using any .NET supported language, including Microsoft Visual Basic and C#. Additional new features in Version 9.0 include performance enhancements and quadratically constrained programming (QCP), which enables financial planners to utilize a math-based, quantitative approach to portfolio management that is said to extend their control over mitigating risk factors. Constraint modeling capabilities enable linear and logical constraints to be combined in complex applications, enabling users to develop decision support systems faster by providing a more natural way of describing their model.

Pricing for Ilog CPLEX 9.0 starts at $15,000 for a development license; volume discounts apply.
Ilog Inc., Mountain View, Calif.,

Empirix e-Test suite 6.8, OneSight 4.8
Empirix Inc. has launched Empirix e-Test suite 6.8 and OneSight 4.8, two solutions said to be designed specifically for Web services testing and monitoring.

Both products feature a new, optional Web services script wizard that simplifies the scripting required to test and monitor Web services. This means that complex, multi-step Web services transaction scripts can be created without any programming and deployed in minutes. The products are said to provide testing and monitoring choices to companies that need to perform deep, accurate tests of Web services, and then monitor those Web services in production for ongoing quality assurance and service-level management.
Empirix Inc., Waltham, Mass.,

SmartSignal Equipment Condition Monitoring (ECM) 3.0
Equipment Condition Monitoring (ECM) 3.0 is a business solution that includes enhancements to SmartSignal's early-warning enterprise software application.

The product is said to go beyond traditional trends monitoring systems by providing real-time asset health monitoring of complex equipment and operating conditions. The ECM solution delivers critical information that is needed to implement real-time, need-based maintenance for deteriorating equipment.

Easier deployment across fleets is accomplished via an improved WorkBench engineering environment module. Improvements allow users greater flexibility in configuring fleets, importing data, fleet-wide monitoring and deployment. Updated modeling capabilities can calculate variables based on functions of various sensor inputs. In addition to equipment data and other sensor values, customers can now include non-sensor inputs from multiple sources, from repair cycles to state variables. Improved fleet monitoring in Version 3.0 enables companies to receive notifications of potential equipment failure via e-mail or pager. A reporting package incorporated into Version 3.0 delivers customized configured reports that allow customers more insight into the health of their fleet.

For more information, please contact SmartSignal.
SmartSignal Corp., Chicago, Ill.,

Equivalent Script V1.1
Equivalent Script V1.1 is a SQL tool that develops equivalent SQL scripts for multiple database servers.

The product allows users to develop entire SQL scripts once, and then generate the equivalent SQL dialect for multiple database servers with a single button click. Scripts generated by Equivalent Script require no post-editing. In addition, the Intuitive interface allows users to create and generate scripts, or they can programmatically access the Document Object from within their own apps.

Program registration is $395.
Red Earth Technologies, Queensland, Australia,

Outside In Image Export
The Software Components Division of Stellent Inc. has released Outside In Image Export. The product converts content in multiple document formats to image files, which is said to eliminate the costs related to writing and maintaining custom image conversion technologies.

The product directly converts more than 100 native file types to BMP, GIF, JPG and PNG formats, as well as to TIFF. Image Export allows developers to adjust a file's resolution, color depth settings and size, enabling the creation of a range of images.
Stellent Inc., Eden Prairie, Minn.,

Integrated Computer Solutions has announced GraphPak, a programming library of 2-D and 3-D charting objects. It is built on the Qt framework from Trolltech AS and the KD Chart product from Klaralvdalens Datakonsult AB.

The product is an OO programming library that provides software developers with a set of C++ objects to create charts or graphs that aid in the visual presentation of technical and business data.
Integrated Computer Solutions, Cambridge, Mass.,

LBM Systems has released its Axiar suite of output management software that gives companies the ability to manage print runs, format output and archive data.

The Axiar Format module formats output generated by computer systems to present information for conducting day-to-day business. The Axiar Deliver module allows users to manage the output of their data and deliver it to where it is needed. The Deliver module works by accepting the output from an app or user, selecting a destination and then monitoring the transmission.
LBM Systems, New Canaan, Conn.,

Waveset Lighthouse Directory Master
Waveset Technologies  has introduced Waveset Lighthouse Directory Master, which enables enterprises and government groups to manage disparate identity data across directory environments.

This is accomplished through Waveset's Virtual Identity Manager, an index of pointers that correlate identity information across directories while leaving the data where it natively resides. This eliminates the need to create and maintain a 'master' repository of user data.
Waveset Technologies Inc., Austin, Texas,

Rocketinfo Desktop
Rocketinfo Desktop is software for finding and sharing current news and business information. It is available from Rocketinfo.

The product is a downloadable software application that facilitates the collection, categorization and sharing of current information, right from your desktop. Rocketinfo Desktop allows anyone to track current news, financial and company information, market research, white papers and newly published books. Users can then take this relevant content and deliver it to their colleagues.

A fully functioning 14-day free trial version of Rocketinfo Desktop is available for download at The product can be purchased for $69.
Rocketinfo Inc., Ottawa, Canada,

Spirian Deployability Version 3.5
Spirian has introduced Version 3.5 of Spirian Deployability, a software application that is said to automate the process of OS migrations.

Version 3.5 includes patent-pending data preservation logic, site autonomy for real-world deployments, and advanced communication and monitoring. IT administrators can now monitor and manage a migration at their site or initiate migrations at multiple sites from a master location. A dashboard allows administrators to view status and control progress of migrations at any level, even allowing them to drill down to an individual device.
Spirian, Chicago, Ill.,

Orion Network Performance Monitor Version 6.4
Orion Network Performance Monitor Version 6.4 allows users to discover their network and create network maps that monitor and alert on network availability and bandwidth utilization. Other monitoring and alerting capabilities include CPU load, disk space, memory utilization, network latency, packet loss and errors. In addition, a new ad hoc report writer allows users to create and access reports on network statistics retained in the product's three-year historical database.

The product ranges in price from $1,975 to $9,975 for the unlimited edition.
SolarWinds.Net Inc., Tulsa, Okla.,

DeviceLock is a tool that allows users to restrict access to local devices running Windows NT/ 2000/XP and Windows Server 2003.

The product enables IT personnel to control user access to floppy drives, other removable media, CD-ROM drives, tape devices or USB, FireWire, infrared, and serial and parallel ports.

A single-user license of DeviceLock is $35.
SmartLine Inc., San Ramon, Calif.,

ULC Visual Builder for IBM WebSphere Studio Application Developer v.5.0.1
Canoo has released ULC Visual Builder for IBM WebSphere Studio Application Developer v.5.0.1.
The product supports visual construction of rich client user interfaces for J2EE apps within the WebSphere Studio development environment. ULC enables development of apps that mix and match HTML clients and rich clients, both sharing the same business objects and software infrastructure.
Canoo, Basel, Switzerland,

RoboHelp X4
RoboHelp X4 is said to be the next generation in Help authoring technology for Web-based and desktop applications.

The latest version accelerates the creation of Help systems based on Adobe FrameMaker documents by allowing users to convert any number of FrameMaker documents to .MIF format for importing into RoboHelp. Users can also merge multiple Help projects on any desktop or server; this allows multiple authors to work independently on different sections of a Help system and then merge all the sections into a single help system at runtime.

Pricing for RoboHelp X4 starts at $379.
eHelp Corp., San Diego, Calif.,

Serena ChangeMan DS, Software Change Manager for Distributed Systems
Serena Software has integrated Serena ChangeMan DS, Software Change Manager for Distributed Systems, with the latest version of Mercury Interactive's global test management software, TestDirector.

The integration allows customers to perform version control and change management of apps to ensure test script, program and document integrity. It also ensures that testing activity is aligned with the code base, enabling QA personnel to obtain testing status and correct defects.
Serena Software, San Mateo, Calif.,

Logidex 2.0
LogicLibrary has released Logidex 2.0, a model-based software development asset (SDA) mapping and discovery engine.

V2.0 features seamless integration with IBM WebSphere, allowing developers to use Logidex capabilities alongside other WebSphere Studio tools. Further additions include an SDK that automates asset loading, improved enterprise-scale performance capabilities, and access to Sun Microsystems' J2EE Core Patterns and RosettaNet Partner Interface Processes.
LogicLibrary, Pittsburgh, Pa.,

Aonix has debuted Ameos, its new modeling environment. The product will implement UML 2.0 profiles, MDA-based model transformation and a user interface.

Ameos implements a transformation engine based on MDA. By creating a platform-independent model (PIM), the model's level of abstraction increases and dependency on the target platform is reduced. By model transformation, the PIM is then transferred into a platform-specific model (PSM) that contains the technical details. Ameos/UML Modeler focuses on the modeling process and supports UML and third-party integration; Ameos/UML Analyst meets analyst and system engineering needs; and Ameos/UML Developer is geared to the software engineer.
Aonix, San Diego, Calif.,

TeamWorks 4
TeamWorks 4 is the latest version of Lombardi Software's BPM software.

Version 4 includes zero-code scoreboards that provide enterprise-wide visibility into every aspect of end-to-end processes; zero-code process performance and business data tracking; and a patent-pending technology for collecting, tracking and correlating business and process metrics between managed and external systems inside the firewall or through external participants. In addition, orchestration and collaboration features enable multiple process participants to work on single process instances, regardless of location or schedule.
Lombardi Software, Austin, Texas,

170 MarkView Self-Service Invoice
170 Systems has announced its new 170 MarkView Self-Service Invoice capability that enable employees throughout an organization to create and request invoice processing, check requests and invoices from their desktops via a Web-based application.

Using MarkView Self-Service Invoice functionality, part of the 170 MarkView business process software solution, employees can create check requests and invoices, provide supporting documentation in any digital format, and verify that invoices they have submitted have been approved and paid -- all from their desktop. By validating the invoice data using the rules defined in the Oracle E-Business Suite, invoices are created in Oracle Payables without requiring the intervention of Accounts Payable. These transactions are created according to the business rules and hierarchy established by the company, enabling the data to be captured online and then validated against the Oracle Accounts Payable tables prior to payment.
170 Systems Inc., Cambridge, Mass.,

iManage WorkSite MP 3.1
iManage WorkSite MP 3.1 is an application suite that combines document management, collaboration, workflow and portal functionality in an integrated Java-based solution that operates seamlessly across Windows NT, Linux and Solaris platforms.

The product enables customers to freeze the contents of a workspace, thus archiving an entire project and its contents for research and reference. A higher performance search engine includes improved support for multilanguage search, helping global employees locate data in many different languages.
iManage Inc., Foster City, Calif.,

Host Access Transformation Services V5.0, IBM Host Access Client Package V4.0, WebSphere Studio Asset Analyzer V3.1, WebSphere Studio Application Monitor V2.1
IBM has released a new set of solutions and services that will enable companies to better manage the legacy apps and data on which they run their business.

Host Access Transformation Services V5.0 transforms green screens to a point-and-click HTML interface delivered through a Web browser. IBM Host Access Client Package V4.0 provides secure access to apps and data via a Java-enabled Web browser. WebSphere Studio Asset Analyzer V3.1 assists with componentization, performs impact analysis and builds connectors. WebSphere Studio Application Monitor V2.1 helps customers find and correct defects in composite apps spanning WebSphere and CICS systems.
IBM Corp., Somers, N.Y.,

PrismTech's OpenFusion Notification CORBA messaging prod uct
Version 4 of PrismTech's OpenFusion Notification CORBA messaging product offers an event-driven messaging system supporting both guaranteed message delivery (store-and-forward) and content-based routing. The product has been re-architected with a new, modular design to provide levels of throughput in a scalable CORBA enterprise messaging solution.
PrismTech, Burlington, Mass.,

Rumba Web-to-Host 5.0
Rumba Web-to-Host 5.0 provides users with browser-based access to apps on legacy host systems.

Enhancements in Version 5.0 include VBA-type scripting systems that support direct execution of NetManage's Rumba, Host/Unix Link and ViewNow Scripts, as well as secure traffic from the client and host systems via the SSL protocol. Co-existence with Rumba 7.1 lets firms maintain desktop installations of Rumba when migrating to browser-based access to provide a direct connection as backup.

Pricing starts at $150 per user.
NetManage Inc., Cupertino, Calif.,

Jacada Terminal Emulator Version 5.0
Jacada Ltd. has released Version 5.0 of Jacada Terminal Emulator. The product is a full-featured, browser-based terminal emulation solution that provides thin-client access to host systems.

V5.0 features a thin-client Java FTP component, expanded Unix support with VT340 emulation, additional language capability, support for the Java 2 platform, and usability improvements such as customized hotspots and font enhancements.

A free 30-day evaluation version is available.
Jacada Ltd., Atlanta, Ga.,

Infravio Ensemble Web Services Management S uite
The Infravio Ensemble Web Services Management Suite from Infravio Inc. supports the new Netegrity Web Services Reference Architecture.

The product is built around an open, standards-driven, pluggable architecture that is said to allow for easy integration of the Netegrity TransactionMinder product, using the reference Architecture as the framework.
Infravio Inc., Cupertino, Calif.,


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