Programmers Report marks its first year. How are we doing?

Programmers Report recently turned "1." The occasion of our first birthday has been a time of merriment here, with massive quantities of Cherry Garcia ice cream, Sponge Bob cake and Mountain Dew being served.

It's hard to remember those faraway days of August 2002, but much has changed. Perhaps this will refresh your memory: News photogs were chasing Britney Spears, the Red Sox were chasing the Yankees, and prosecutors were chasing Enron and WorldCom/MCI officials. Hmmm ... maybe not so much has changed! We thought it worthwhile to set some breakpoints to see how we are doing. As always, you are the best judge of that.

Actually, development tools and technologies have been as active as ever in the last 12 months. Executable UML has popped into view along with Model Driven Architecture approaches. The WebGain tool suite went under and then began to resurface in parts here and there. Borland bought TogetherSoft; IBM bought Rational Software; new WSDL, SOAP and wireless tools came into view; .NET began to appear in some measure; and Java continued to grow.

Our mission hasn't changed during this time of tumults. We try to offer information on a mix of platforms, and to offer a variety of product news and field reports complete with best-practice advice from practitioners. Of course, we also sometimes offer a fast rundown of new tools or the occasional view of an off-the-beaten-track technology, as in our looks at Bioinformatics, Grid computing, desktop navigators, Droplet clients and the like.

How do you like the mix? What would you like to see more or less of? What are we doing right; what could we be doing better? Do our writers ask the questions you want answered? Do you like to link back to our Web site? Are our customer service operations meeting your needs?

Please e-mail your feedback to us at "Programmers Report Staff"


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